Smacking works great!

I know that I am probably going to get shouted down but here goes - Modern parenting doesn't work!  I fell for all the modern theories and raised my first child by the rules.  I was a textbook modern parent.  So I had to ask myself when she was about 10, why was I so frazzled and frustrated? Why was she not getting the rules? Why was I still teaching the same lessons over and over?! Why did she think she could argue with every decision?...more

I definitely have not mastered modern parenting.  I'm never sure how to respond to ...more

Flat on My Back

My afternoon consisted of a speculum, a catheter and a Spanish/Italian doctor with a French accent. Jealous yet?It's not every day you get to see the inner workings of your uterus. Besides the fact that I broke out into a cold sweat just remembering this procedure seven years ago it went fairly well.Today was another reminder why it's taken this long to jump back on the fertility-treatment-bandwagon. So far this month I have had one consultation, four panels of blood work, three vaginal (yes, I said vagina) ultrasounds, an annual exam and an HSG....more

So I'm Touchy About My Parenting

I know that I’m touchy about certain aspects of parenting and, more specifically, my parenting. I realize that my emotions are on overdrive this weekend as my birth daughter Munchkin’s birthday is on Sunday. I’m touchy, moody and will likely dissolve into a puddle of tears and/or a screaming maniac if you look at me sideways. Maybe even if you look at me directly. ...more

I feel like I always run into people that just feel the need to spew their judgmental ...more

5 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

TheOnlineMomAlthough it seems that there are weekly headlines about how some Facebook indiscretion ruined a college graduate’s job prospects, or how an underage user’s privacy rights were violated, the fact is Facebook has made tremendous strides in updating its account settings and privacy controls to allow users to safeguard their information....more

Gravity Pulls You In: An Interview With Kyra Anderson

Seven years ago, when my two-year-old son Leo was declared "autistic," it was difficult to find books about his many possible futures. The most popular 2003 autism books from parents' perspectives -- Catherine Maurice's Let Me Hear Your Voice, and Karyn Seroussi's Unraveling the Mystery of Autism -- were tales of hope, but also of autism conquered and cured....more

What a great interview!  Progress with respect to autism supports & services will ...more

The Tag Team Approach

My husband and I recently had our first real experience with what I call "tag-team" parenting. Our daughter is two years and five months old; up until this point I've never been overwhelmed while doing my motherly duties. Until the other night. It had been a long day. I was tired. She was in a wound up mood, bouncing off the walls and running laps around our tiny house. Most of the time, I'm able to shrug that off. ...more

Top 10 Things I Have Learned From My Children

I have learned so many valuable things from my children. It would be impossible to share all of the things I have learned in my motherhood journey, so I will limit myself. ...more

The Balance Between Protecting our Children and Respecting Their Privacy

Last week, the news broke about a Philadelphia-area school district that has been accused of misusing technology to spy on a student at home.As @vodkamom reported on Twitter and here on the BlogHer Family Connections forum:...more
You over obsessive diaper sniffers always make me think back on George Carlin... Here's a few ...more

NBC's "Parenthood" Has Promise (and Lorelai Gilmore)

NBC's new family drama "Parenthood" may actually get me back to watching the Peacock Network on a regular basis. First, because it brings Lorelai Gilmore herself, the delightfully talented Lauren Graham, back to TV; and second, because after watching a preview of the pilot, I found I liked it.  It had just enough humor to keep me chuckling and just enough drama to make me care....more

It is very famous more

Parenting in the Digital Age