5 Ideas From Running that Can Make Us Better Parents

Enjoy the rideAlthough many people run for heart health, weight loss, or competition, others run because it’s fun. The endorphins pulsing through your blood leave you smiling. In parenting, it’s important to have those lighthearted and joyful moments. Whether you’re teasing your toddler about having caterpillars for breakfast, watching your two-year-old stick his or her face in the fountain at the splash park, or having a Shaggy dance party with your three-year-old, it’s nice to enjoy the ride.Community makes it better...more

Do as I say, not as I do...

I find myself saying that to my kids a lot. We all do. My mom even said it to me about a hundred years ago when I was a teenager.  Only back then, she was talking about smoking cigarettes. "Don't smoke" she'd tell me, as she puffed away. And I never did. But these days, what I'm talking about isn't smoking or drinking, it's about meeting people online. ...more
Teri, love this post and I GET IT.  I know my kids are so young still, but the world is just ...more

Mommy Needs a Time Out

 Have you ever had a day at work where things started well but suddenly went downhill fast? A day where you wanted to go home early or just couldn’t wait to escape? We all have those days, right? As a stay-at-home mom, when I have that type of day, I can’t leave early or escape. All I can do is wait for my husband to come home, and hope he had a good day so I can get a break. ...more

Five Classes I Wish Were Taught in College

It’s back to school time, and each year I feel the same way: overwhelmed, excited and overwhelmed. There is always a new schedule to learn, additional rules to follow, and more stuff to do.And the learning curve never seems to get any easier for me. Each year I spend hours trying to get registered on some school’s web site, accumulate supplies and clone myself so I can be on that conference call, at that school meeting and in the car pool — all at the same time.After a decade of parenting experience, you’d think I’d have it down by now. But I don’t. Not even close....more
I'd take the negotiation class. I would probably need a class in "How to get your children to ...more

Corporal Punishment Should be Outlawed

Corporal punishment should be outlawed and studies which show a correlation between child abuse and the development of mental disorders in adulthood, should not be ignored.Parenting can bring overwhelming joy as well as - at times -overwhelming frustration. You try to be the best parent you can be while juggling jobs, finances, multiple children with varying developmental needs, single parenting, temper tantrums, schoolwork, all in tandem with the day-to-day requirements of  keeping a household together....more


I swear, in my family, that's a title I have: Finder of ALL THE THINGS! I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but somehow, I'm the one they turn to when they misplace something. Is it an additional role I fill, or part of the whole Wife/Mom gig?Did I have some weird sort of Momlocation device inserted upon birth of my children? Is it in the wedding band? Does the Matrix simply like me more than them, and chooses to reveal hidden objects to my gaze?...more

Mommy, You're Having a Baby! Except, I'm Not Pregnant

jvkom thanks for sharing!more

Transformed in an Instant into a Mother

When I gave birth to my first baby,I was re-born as well.My fears of inadequacyInstantly swept asideA surge of motherly love and joyrose up within my spirit and heart.A sense of aweat the miracle of creation overwhelmed usas we examined tiny, perfectly formed fingers, nails and toes.We marvelled at his resemblance to us....more

My Kids Need a Mother Who's Willing to Take Her Perfect Off

 I'm pretty sure every mother, while holding her infant in her arms, declares, "Baby, I will protect you at all costs.  Your life will be different than mine.  I'll make sure you never have to experience the devastating wounds I've had to endure.  I will keep you safe.  I will be a perfect mother"....more