If you think sexism is dead, you clearly haven't been car shopping lately

Just before Christmas, my husband’s car made its final drive home from work.  We had known for a while that a new car was in our future, but we had hoped that it could wait until after the New Year (or more accurately, until after our tax return).  As usual, the universe had different plans for us.  Which is how I ended up braving the sleet and snow to go to the car dealership early one Saturday morning with my husband and toddler in tow....more

Another Adventure To Add To My Journey!

  My adventure begins a little something like this.....When first ventured into the blogging world, I quickly learned about the importance of SHARING, LIKING, COMMENTING, NETWORKING, etc.  NO PROBLEM!!  I got this....more

On my daughter's second birthday, a season of lasts

If I had known that it was going to be the last time, I would have taken our picture.  One of you falling asleep the way that you had every day your entire life.  Your eyes were usually half closed with a happy smile playing around your lips, all of your focus on nursing....more

Life and Opposition

 Blog attempt - Round 2! Sharing what I am learning about striving for an uncomplicated life of faith that is rooted in love.Lord, give me the skill to be a woman of consistency  who doesn't quit in the face of failure or opposition:)...more

Counting Gratitude

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”-Marcus Tullius Cicero I don’t know if you have seen the “First World Problem” memes. They’re hilarious…in a “well, that puts things into perspective” kind of way....more

Remembering Kindness in Parenting

When it comes to parenting, one thing that is easily forgotten in our busy and exhausting days is kindness. Sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves. Other times, we may even struggle in demonstrating kindness towards our children. We all have bad days and we all have good days. I know that some of my not-so-good moments have been seen by others. At those times, instead of a disapproving look, I've been given something much more powerful - kindness....more

A Letter to My Son About the Election

My son is 13 years old, and the current election will likely be the first one he remembers into adulthood. There are therefore a few things I want to make sure he understands....more

Eating Out With My Toddler / #ToddlerLife #MomProblems

 I love my baby she is the best, but seriously sometimes I can’t understand why, every time we are out at a restaurant she can't stay in one place....more