Barriers to blame...NOT the mother!

I’m sick to death of everyone blaming the mother for the incident with the Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, in which the toddler fell into the enclosure. Not one of us knows her and is in any position to judge her or her parenting skills, and the fact that her four year old slipped away from her is not negligence. Not really. All mothers—and fathers for that matter—EVERY SINGLE ONE, has taken their eyes from their child. In fact, the mothers and fathers who witnessed the incident at the zoo took their eyes off their children....more

For the Mother Struggling to Find Happiness & Hope

Most mothers and families are in a constant season of change, and while change can be a very intimidating and daunting thing, I tend to think it can also be therapeutic and refreshing for the soul.  It’s really all about your perspective.  For most of us, it’s easy to be happy and find joy in life when things are going our way. When life is clicking along like clockwork and all the puzzle pieces are snug, secure and in the right place, we are grateful and content....more

Why I Can't be a Stay-at-Home Mom

“Ha ha! Just asking! Just curious! Everything’s great! Stop at Home Depot and get a hacksaw please! No reason! Just noticing we don’t have one! Bye!” ...more

5 Simple Car Seat Safety Quick Tips Infographic

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An honest letter to the man who abandoned his child.

 To the father of my precious son, ...more

Our Choice to be One and Done and Why It Works For Us

 It started around six months after Maddy was born. “So – when are you guys going to have another?” Truth be told, I was still struggling with becoming a new mother, returning to work full-time, coping with the sleepless nights but most of all, my body was still...more

My Child Sees Color and Research Says So Does Yours

My nearly four-year-old son came home from his first soccer practice excited and exhausted. I had stayed home with our daughter, so he was filling me in on all I missed as he scarfed down dinner. My son is playing on the same team as he did last fall, with the same players and coach, so I already knew the cast and characters. His coach happens to be Indian.Image: Janeb13 via Pixabay ...more
LPK Thanks for your comment. I'm really loving the resources Little Proud Kid is providing. Glad ...more

IEP Meetings: What It's Really Like In There

I would really like to talk about IEP meetings, the likelihood of me being able to do this without becoming apoplectic is slim, but I will try....more