What Moms Can Learn From Olympians

When the hubby and I decided that it was time to add kids to our twosome, I never realized that I was preparing my body and mind for the Motherhood of Olympics. My body ached, stretched in areas unmentionable, all to receive the ultimate medal of them all...a beautiful boy...not once but, twice. Yep, I am a two-time gold medal winner. So if you are ready to commit your body and mind to long sleepless nights, you may have the mindset of the next great Mompian. Since you're already dreaming of that medal, why wait any longer? Let's go!...more

Revolt of the Toys

You always know when my three year old grandniece is visiting because our tiny two-room rental house begins to bear an uncanny resemblance to a toy store.  As my wife works from home, having a pile of toys around usually serves as sufficient distraction to allow my wife to take care of her job responsibilities.  Granted, Little One would rather be watching a Disney movie, kidvid on Netflix or (her preference) YouTube videos on my wife’s iPhone.  Hence, the toys.  Even at her young age, I think the kid is addicted to electronic devices.  The upcoming Generation Alpha...more

Calm Down, People - It's Just a Trailer Park

My daughter has invited a new friend over, and I see the confusion on the mother’s face as she pulls up in a well-maintained SUV with her child. She alternates glances between her iPhone and the black numerals on the front of my home a few times, as if Google Maps has mistakenly directed her to a different home that happens to have the exact same address as mine....more
Wow, wow, wow! Some people are just... I've always taught my son that it's never about the size ...more

What it's like when your child has a limb difference

When my husband and I first considered China adoption we were told we’d wait roughly six years for a child. It seemed our journey was over before it started, but our adoption agency suggested the special needs program (shorter wait). I had two things to say about that:Hell and no....more

An Open Letter to the Birth Father of My Adopted Son

Dear Birth Father of my adopted son,You don't know me and you don’t know you have a son, so this letter is the equivalent of a tree falling in an uninhabited forest.  I can accept the law of physics that says the delicate ferns reclining in the shade, ripe huckleberries clustering indiscreetly, and hopeful seedlings willing themselves toward the sun’s light will not hear it, but they feel it.  I need to believe they feel it....more
This is very poignant.  I also have adopted children.  I am grateful to their birth parents for ...more

A Note for My Daughter: Not Everyone Will Want To Be Your Friend

​​I remember the first time that someone decided that they no longer wanted to be my friend. That very first friend heartbreak is the worst. The agony of the rejection, the realization that I had no control, the acceptance that eventually came. All of these feelings coursed through my five-year-old brain....more

Autism: 8 Amazing Aspects of My Child

"The thing is, society and the media do such a great job at portraying autism as a debilitating condition, parents often times consider the “A” word worse than a curse word. It terrifies them. Without knowing all of the wonderful things that come along with autism, I certainly understand their fear."...more