10 Things You Should Know BEFORE You Come Over For Dinner

On Friday, we had some friends over for dinner.  As I cleaned ALL DAY preparing for their visit, I entertained myself by coming up with a list of things every guest should know before they come to our house....more
Denise  Glad to make you laugh, Denise!more

Parenting: Top 5 Reasons It Ain't Easy

     Parenting: It ain't easy......more

Teenage Sex


Family Celebrations

 Not AGAIN!!!!...more

My Dream Job As a SAHM


Lies I Told My Daughter

You see this little girl, twirling in a pretty summer dress as innocent and as happy as can be? That’s one thing that keeps me from going off the deep end in this crazy ass world. As much as I love her the way she is now, I would love for her to have stayed like this. 8, innocent and thinking boys are gross.This picture was taken 3 summers ago, before the prepubescent hormones,  lip smacking, crushes and the obsession with cute training bras began. The fact that she is entering middle school this fall makes me want to cry hysterically while eating ice cream with  pink rollers in my hair....more

Who Did You Fool?

First Haircut Heartbreak

The time had finally come. We couldn't put it off any longer. It was time for my son's first haircut. I kept delaying the inevitable. Partially because I didn't want to let go.  Let go of the baby. But mostly because we knew he was going to be a royal a-hole for it. After  the third time of being called a little girl by strangers,  I gave in. It was time for his transformation into an official "big boy"....more

Things Could Be Worse. There Could Be Assassins

Jack, who will be 15 in May, wants a summer job.He tells me that if hecan get something full time at an $8 hourly rate, he'll save up enough for a new computer and a PS4. I don't know where all this stuff will go, since the family room (man cave) is pretty much already full of electronics.I guess we could get rid of the foosball table. And the couch. Maybe knock out a wall or two (note to Jack: I mean that satirically. We are not knocking down a wall to accommodate more electronics).I remember wandering around downtown when I was his age, stepping into little mom and pop stores, in which I'd never shopped, asking if they needed summer help. After about three or four rejections, I stopped asking and just window shopped....more