Message Decoded

Since the baby, there has been a communication breakdown between my husband and me. First I thought he wasn’t listening to anything I said; his actions did not justify anything I was asking for. The dad-brain wasn’t able to process mom-language. My friends say they are combating a similar issue. So to make life simpler for myself and my fellow-mothers, I began to decode his actions basis what he heard, as opposed to what I said.  I was quite amused living inside his brain – his thoughts are simply outrageous.15 things moms say… and what dads really hear....more

He Probably is a Bad Guy: Putting Your Safety Over 'That Guys' Feelings

Ever get the weird feeling someone is staring at you and then you turn to look and you were right? What about when you're pumping gas and get a feeling someone is approaching you... and then he does. It's like you can literally feel another body coming closer to you. He only asks for money for gas but you still feel strange. Yet, many women in this scenario will hunch over a little, stare away or look through him and casually make up an excuse about not carrying cash hoping he will just leave....more


kathybrowndavis Kathy, I'm so flattered!  Thank you!  I blog at, but I ...more

Why is Daddy Crying?

Dark days in our household.Bart has been hoarding nerd toys for his one-day child pretty much since our first date. All those boxes that arrive from eBay and the Hasbro Toy Shop and the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club are all in the name of good parenting.“One day,” Bart said, while raising the lid of an old wooden trunk in his office, “these will all be Quinn’s.”...more

Back To School: I'm ready. No, I'm not! Wait, yes, I am!

Back to School: I hate it. I hate the end of summer. I hate the start of school. Am I the only one who hates it? I don’t want school to start! My husband doesn’t believe me. Or rather, he believes that’s what I believe, but he thinks I don’t know what I really want. “Trust me: school starting is a good thing.”But, ugh! The return of homework, the packing of lunches, the homework, the forgotten gym uniforms, the permission slips, the two dollars in envelopes for this and that, the homework. Have I told you how much I dislike the homework?...more
"Flush the Damn toilet!"seems to be a never-ending maxim over at my house.  Thanks for sharing!more

They May Never Be Potty Trained: a message of hope

*some level of common sense suspension may be required to read and fully enjoy the following post...As I gathered up the wet sheets this morning and headed to the laundry room, I remembered a question I had read the night before...The question was from a parent of a young child that is Autistic and nonverbal, she was looking for potty training help.Training your child to use the toilet....more

How Do I Know If My Son Is Really An Addict?

I wonder if my son is an addict.Whenever he doesn't have somewhere he has to be or something he has to do, he wants his fix. And he fights like hell if I try to take it away. It's not as noticeable during the school year when he's busy, but in the summer his addiction is much more apparent.Most people would never imagine this about him.He's a wonderful kid -- generally personable, polite and helpful -- with lots of talents and a supportive family who attends his performances and games....more

Parenting Beyond Racism: Ways to Support Aspiring Children of Color

 It's OK to shine, just not too brightly if you're a young brown Muslim in Irving, Texas....more
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Life Skills with Toddlers: Cleaning

As I'm sure you've picked up from the series so far, Baby Boy really is a great help around the house!  And, what's even better, he enjoys doing tasks that Hun and I do.  Baby Boy has always wanted to be involved in what we're doing, whether it be work on the computer, writing, drawing, crafting, working on the car, remodeling the house, or even cleaning.Today, I'm highlighting some of the ways in which he helps to keep the house more clean and organized.Wiping up spills (or potty accidents)Wiping the tables and chairs after meals...more

What To Feed A Child Athlete

It’s back-to-school time in NY and that means that many children and their parents are gearing up for school sports. My cousin, being one of these parents, recently texted me to ask about hydration for her 8 year old son who plays baseball in the Florida heat. She said that many of the other parents were sending sports drinks to practice with their kids, and she wasn’t sure that this was appropriate. The tricky part about child sports nutrition (and really nutrition in general) is that parents aren’t sure how it should differ from adult sports nutrition....more