Parenting is hard...these people, big and small, that God has entrusted to grow, care for, and guide. The people we love more than words can adequately express...our children....more

A Letter to My Son's Future Girlfriend

To the girl who will one day date my son: You are interested in someone very precious to me. My world turned right side up the day he came into my life and has never been the same since. When I look at him, all I see is a flashback reel full of baby rolls, big hugs, sweet smiles, and superheroes. Although I want nothing but happiness for him, I know he will need to make mistakes in order to grow and learn. Still... it would crush me to see him intentionally hurt or used....more
Your posts always seem to give me eyesweats!! <3more

Learning to #BeChampions

With lots of chatter and commotion we gathered around the restaurant table. We were there to celebrate a special little girl’s birthday, so we shuffled around to make sure she had the seat of honor. Newly turned six, Hunter Lily glowed, perched at the head of the table right in between Nanny and Grampy. Everyone was excited to congratulate Hunter on her special birthday. Well, everyone except one....more

Don't Make This Horrible Parenting Mistake

When I was eight years old, I wanted to be a singer. When I was nine years old, I wanted to be an actress. And when I was ten years old, I wanted to be a writer. As I entered my teen years, my ideas of what I wanted to be varied each year, but wanting to be a singer, actress, and writer never left my mind. ...more
I can understand both sides since I'm a parent now.  I do think it's important to encourage our ...more

11 Important Tips for Parents When Your Child Comes Out

Step 1: Take a deep breath. OMG, right? Big news. Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe you suspected this was coming. But you should still breathe anyway because you need do that to keep being alive. So this step applies no matter what. Get some oxygen into you. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing this. My son just came out to me (he's 13) and I've completely ...more

Grieve. Letting Them Cry, Laugh and Go On.

My father-in-law passed away last week. Pop was 80 years old and fought a brave-faced, 14-month battle with pancreatic cancer.Soon after I received the news about Pop's passing, my mind went to the task I had in front of me. As a parent, delivering such sad news to your children is a bit of a gut check moment.I knew it couldn't wait. I knew it needed to be truthful, deliberate, and thoughtful. Other than that, I really didn't know what to do. So I decided to just follow their lead. Do what they needed to do. In their time. On their terms. And pray that I could help them....more

Do You Use Your Kids As An Excuse?

Do you ever feel like you hide behind your kids in certain situations? I know I do! I never used to leave the house in “work-out” clothes, and now I do it regularly and I don't even work out! Why don't I work out? Well, I have millions of excuses, and some of them involve my kids. See. It's too easy to fall back and use the “parent excuse.” At least it is for me. And yes, having young kids is time consuming. But they are not to blame for my decisions and priorities. ...more
My kiddo can longer be my excuse - she's out of the nest. So now I have to own it that I wear ...more

Face-to-face With a Goblin!

Last evening, I dashed into the grocery store, to pick up just a few items before heading home after a meeting. I was intent on looking for some shelled sunflower seeds for a granola bar recipe, when a figure caught the corner of my eye.  It gave me a millisecond of a jolt, until my brain caught up and I realized it was a Halloween decoration - not a small person leering menacingly at me!   ...more

Speak Without Accusing

Everyone has a subject that they are passionate about.Dig down you know what that one thing is in your life that you just so happen know a lot about? ...more

Americans and Parenting Religion: I'm a Worshiper! Are You?

This is the latest article making it's way around the "let's tell American moms their doing it wrong by making them feel bad" circuit: ...more