Piece of Cake

Having one kid is cake. But you could never know this until you have two....more
I can totally relate!!  My kids are also wonderful when not together.  I'm not sure how people ...more

One Month Update


Homework Struggles: Parent vs. Teacher


My Doctor Judged Me for Wanting to Have Sex, for Not Being a "Selfless Mother"

Most women (parents or not) are probably familiar with the image of the selfless mother. You might, in fact, be so familiar with it that you don't even think about a mother without automatically assuming how selfless she is. After all, the American ideal seems to scream that we women should think of nothing but our children once they are born. And I will try (and fail, right here, right now) not to mention the fact that motherhood is basically still a given in our society and those who decide they don't want children are still seen as oddballs. ...more
Hey lady, you are awesome, and as a devoted mother myself to an amazing 19 month old little ...more

What I want my son to know on my birthday

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6 ...more

6 Reasons I May Not Be An Adult

The Parents of 2014

How many of you remember your mothers packing your lunch for you for school when you were young? You opened up that brightly colored plastic tote every day and found one of the following things in one variation or another. You might have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (on wheat if your parents were health nuts), a fruit roll up or a snack pack, a capri sun or a juice box, and maybe a piece of fruit, but most likely you had a bag of chips or cheetos. Some kids had spaghettios in a thermos or even a (dare I say it? ) a lunchable? Yikes!...more

The hand prints.

Our friends were building a new home.They had purchased a lot down the street from us.It was an exciting time. My son was totally into the build.He loved everything about the construction.We would bike over and see what was happening every day....more

Another parent's take on the lie of Santa.

"My friend doesn't believe in Santa anymore." ...more