Dressing Ariel. An Almost Impossible Task

Polly Pockets. This is what we have dubbed every tiny, plastic, doll-like toy in our house. Although, after doing my research on the ever-accurate Wikipedia, Polly Pockets are actually a brand name, and several Polly Pocket knock-offs have spawned as a result. And, most of them (especially the Disney version) currently reside in my house....more

Why Lullabies Calm Babies and Parents

While we were moving and closer to his first birthday, Walt had a really hard time getting to sleep, and I found myself singing a lot. I also found that I had no idea how much time had gone by, when I came out of that dark bedroom. It took me a little while to figure out why this feeling was really familiar, but I figured it out while finishing my HypnoBirthing paperwork--it's a lot like self hypnosis....more

Parenting and "What Kids Need" Books

10 Lessons I am Teaching my “Adult in Training”

It's Day 9 of #NaBloPoMo and I wanted to share a recent AHA moment.My friend’s son was really ‘acting up’ this time according to her.  Teen-aged hormones vs. parental control – it’s always a battle.  She complained animatedly about his bad attitude towards school and anyone in authority, and lamented how their communication always broke down after the first minute of interaction.  What was she doing wrong?  Why wouldn't he listen to her?  She was at her wits end....more

So Much More Than Just A Mom

I’ve made no secret of the fact that lately I have felt a little lost just being a stay-at-home mom.  This afternoon, Man threw up on me…and I was struck with a realization.  Yes, it took an Exorcist-like scene of projectile vomiting for me to come to the conclusion that I am not just a mom.When the kiddies scrape their knees, bump their heads and puke all over me, I am a doctor.I answer their important questions about cheese and dirt; I read to them; we do lots of puzzles and play games. I am a teacher....more

6 Things I Wish My Mom had Told me About Parenting

Day 7 of NaBloPoMo and I feel the burning need to write about parenting teenagers.As a mother, I am sure we love our children dearly but I think that being the parent of a hormonal live wire (plugged into an endless supply of attitude) is one of the most frustrating and perplexing situations to be faced....more

Rainbows and Butterflies: Getting Real About Motherhood

I was really surprised at the response I got writing a blog for Greeley Moms today about being a realistic mom.  It made me realize I am blessed with friends and a circle of people who don’t pretend.  We talk about the good and the far-from-good things about parenting, and we don’t hide the tantrums (ours or the kids’) from one another....more

November 6: Not Mother of the Year

Day 6: I am thankful for days that end up productive, even though three little people are screaming at you nonstop. #daysofthanksgiving*****The prompt: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?I wish I could say that I was so happy and confident with myself, that I only even had just one thing I’d change.  But really, my first thought was “just one thing??”...more

A Curve of Love

In the first few days after Munchkin's birth I could put him on my shrunken, deflated belly and see how he'd curled up inside me. He fit just so, in that space between my hips and my ribcage. As he grew I carried him in a sling, his head resting just below my heart....more

The Rope Bridge of Homeschooling

The Rope Bridge of Homeschooling ...more