Our Family Eats Kraft Mac & Cheese - So, STFU

On Tuesday, a recall alert was issued from the makers of Kraft Mac & Cheese alerting the public that metal fragments had been found in a specific segment of boxes produced by the company. As of this morning, no harm or incidents have been reported. The company has issued a statement, made an apology and is also offering full refunds, no questions asked, to any individual who purchased said boxes in question. ...more

The Bus

The bus pulls up in front of our house everyday, well every school day, to be precise. As soon as Cooper sees it rolling up he is out the door at full speed. Off he goes…back pack on, lunchbox in hand, flailing and flapping…with a galloping, running skip he propels himself toward the bus.I stand there watching…calling after him to “walk!”…while inwardly willing the bus driver to open the doors before he gets there….I just keep saying over and over again in my head, “open the doors…open the doors…open the doors”....more

10 Things I Love About My Son

My new blog series, 10 Things I Love began yesterday with a tribute to my daughter (because she hacked the page I had begun to write for my older son.  Anyway, today is dedicated to my son.  He was the first to truly hold my heart with a love I thought no one else could have possibly ever felt before.  He changed my life and I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything in this world!  Here's to you, RayRay!1. He's been my right hand man since he born, always with me wherever I go even now....more

What "Me Time" Looks Like Now as a Mom. 6 Hysterical Ways Moms Find Time for Themselves.

Before having a child, “me time” had a completely different definition. It meant long weekends away at the drop of a hat, relaxing dinners with friends, shopping excursions and endless amounts of pedicures, massages and alone time whenever I wanted it. Let’s all observe a moment of silence for my former freedoms. Before having Maddy, I can think back to times where I felt bored. I mean, I actually felt completely and utterly bored with nothing to do and honestly, at times, it was glorious....more

How to Celebrate 2015's a Once-in-a-Lifetime Pi Day

[Editor's Note: 2015's Pi Day is extra-special because the date and time represent the exact first ten digits of pi. So, seriously, you should celebrate, and this post contains all kinds of cute ideas. - Rita]...more
Glad you decided to go for it Renee - looks like so much fun!more

Pictures of a Day

Welcome to the March 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Day in the LifeThis post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have given us a special glimpse into their everyday.***...more

4 Entrepreneurial Traits Kids Should Learn To Lead A Successful Life

You aren't born as a successful entrepreneur, but you grow into one. As parents, our main concern is to nurture our children into successful adults and have them ready to conquer the world out there when the time comes. Here are the four main traits you should help your kids develop if you’d like to see them in Fortune 500 listing one day....more

bus stop

I felt a twinge driving to work on my son's first day of kindergarten. I wanted to stay home to see him get on the school bus. It was irrational. Being there the first time wouldn’t help me control what happened after the yellow doors closed. Still, I thought how that would be the first of countless times I wouldn’t be there for pick-up or drop-off. It was one of those moments that made me hate working outside the home. But there would be no home without my job, so off to work I drove....more

Dear Teachers, Please Don’t Give Up On My Kid

I can hear it in the exasperation when we speak on the phone and you carefully craft your sentences, trying not to let on that you have no more solutions and have run out of patience. You’ll never say the words out loud, but I see them there behind everything you do say: You’re giving up on my kid. ...more
Can you ask the teacher to give your son two assigned seats?  That way he can legitimately get ...more

Do You Make Your Kids Hug?

I absolutely adore my children’s relationship with one another. They may not admit it, ever, but I know they are each other’s best friend. My daughter is nine and will definitely not admit it, but when I act like I don’t know who my son is or when I play as if I’m going to leave him behind somewhere, she flips out! ...more
Sounds like sweet siblings :) We don't force our daughter to hug us or relatives because we ...more