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Elf On The Shelf's Costly Christmas Caper

Once upon a time there was a little elf named Olivia.Not surprisingly, Olivia the Elf loved Christmas.One year, Santa sent her a magical little elf which she named Melfy....more

My Four Year Old Says The Darnedest Things

The other morning as we were walking out the door to the car. My four year old daughter stops in her tracks and says to me, "Mom." Then she pauses for a quick second. "Your car is every one's car. Your have to share your car." I responded to her quickly as I was trying to rush all three girls into the car since the oldest sister likes socialize before the bell rings, "you are correct, it does seem that way doesn't it Viv" I replied....more

Anytime This Week and My Thoughts

Tuesday.December 3, 2013. It's 10:20am here in the Philippines.I had my hopefully-last-check-up appointment with my OBgyn yesterday, December 4,2013. She wrote: FOR ADMISSION ANYTIME in my Pregnancy/Motherhood Notebook. That means within the week my second baby will come out and welcome the world. My due date is on December 8, 2013....more

Toys for Twos: Whole Heart's Top Picks for 2 year olds

Veteran parents often warn new parents about newborns and the lack of sleep, drain on your energy,  increase in stress level and so forth, but many would argue that having a newborn is a piece of cake compared to the (ahem) joys of parenting a toddler. Let me preface this article by saying I am not a fan of using terms such as "terrible twos", "treacherous threes," or "frantic fours", because it implies you'll be experiencing 3 years of hell, which is entirely untrue, but having a toddler can be very exhausting and mentally draining....more

What Does Bravery Look Like When You're a Mom?

I’ve never thought of myself as “brave” in the true sense of the word. I’m not really a risk-taker, and aside from roller coasters, I don’t do any dare-devilish things. Skiing even seems out of the question for me. ...more
I can totally relate to this.  Being a mom is hard work.  Recently I had to be "that" mom in ...more

I'm Not a Good Mom

#NaBloPoMo Day 26  Dear Son...more

GOLDIEBLOX! Because, I'm more than a princess...

This week my friend posted this video about the new Goldieblox engineering toys for girls on Facebook and I was hooked! I immediately had to find out how to get them in my store. Now, 95% of what I feature in my store is nontoxic and organic, which these toys are not. However, they do support my mission to help empower young children to think outside the  box, be problem solvers, think critically, be creative, and use logic....more