Your Kids Get Along So Well

A few thoughts about how our expectations for ourselves differ from our expectations for our kids.  And how that may not be totally the right or rational thing...  What do you think?

Happy Grandparents Day

Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Oma, Opa, MeMe or PopPop, whatever you call them they are your grandparents, and they are special! Special in a way that no one else on earth will ever be. "Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven't thought of yet." - Gene Perret ...more

Dear Women: Sometimes We Can't Have It All. And That's Ok.

Boy, that "Enjoli" perfume commercial from the '80's really did a number on us, conjuring up this image of a nonstop, 24-hour superwoman who does it all, bringing home the bacon included, which served greatly in cementing the idea of "having it all" in our psyche that many of us still try to live up to today.  (It's your fault, Enjoli lady.  Video Cred: we can't.  ...more

Make Me Wanna Hover - Why My Black Kids Need A Helicopter Mom

I have been called  an HM, a "Helicopter Mom", more times than I can count.  ...more

"Me Bad Parent:" The Do's and Don't of Parenting

I was online searching for images of parenting, and I came across these old-school photos of baby care "do's" and "don'ts." I think they are super-helpful and should definitely be left on bedside tables in maternity wards for new moms and dads who are clueless. I mean, I almost washed my baby with a power hose, but if I had seen this, I would have known better:...more

Crushing my Mom Doubt with Some Tea and Buddha

I’ve always felt pretty confident about the decisions I make as a parent — until recently as I try to navigate the hormones of two nearly ten-year old girls. In order to get through these trying days I’ve used a combination of the Serenity prayer, girl friend support, parenting books and Kendall Jackson chardonnay.But deeper than my exhaustion from the fights, exasperated comments, and eye-rolls, is the constant shadow of self-doubt that is creeping into my world on a regular basis....more

My Dog is an Anti-Depressant

I'd read that owning a pet can improve mood, but it surprised me how quickly adopting our dog Maggie helped alleviate my depression....more

The Lazy River Ride: Extreme Involvement Edition

I had earned this moment....more

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Really loved this! My son is only 18 months so not really having conversations yet but it does ...more

Is My Daughter Gender Biased?

You may have heard of the Bechdel Test. It's a pop-culture phenomenon that measures gender bias in film, TV, etc....more
Lisa@Lifeblooming Haha, thanks. Definitely depressing, but in context it's sometimes okay. Ish.more