Pictures of a Day

Welcome to the March 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Day in the LifeThis post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have given us a special glimpse into their everyday.***...more

4 Entrepreneurial Traits Kids Should Learn To Lead A Successful Life

You aren't born as a successful entrepreneur, but you grow into one. As parents, our main concern is to nurture our children into successful adults and have them ready to conquer the world out there when the time comes. Here are the four main traits you should help your kids develop if you’d like to see them in Fortune 500 listing one day....more

bus stop

I felt a twinge driving to work on my son's first day of kindergarten. I wanted to stay home to see him get on the school bus. It was irrational. Being there the first time wouldn’t help me control what happened after the yellow doors closed. Still, I thought how that would be the first of countless times I wouldn’t be there for pick-up or drop-off. It was one of those moments that made me hate working outside the home. But there would be no home without my job, so off to work I drove....more

Dear Teachers, Please Don’t Give Up On My Kid

I can hear it in the exasperation when we speak on the phone and you carefully craft your sentences, trying not to let on that you have no more solutions and have run out of patience. You’ll never say the words out loud, but I see them there behind everything you do say: You’re giving up on my kid. ...more
Can you ask the teacher to give your son two assigned seats?  That way he can legitimately get ...more

Do You Make Your Kids Hug?

I absolutely adore my children’s relationship with one another. They may not admit it, ever, but I know they are each other’s best friend. My daughter is nine and will definitely not admit it, but when I act like I don’t know who my son is or when I play as if I’m going to leave him behind somewhere, she flips out! ...more
Sounds like sweet siblings :) We don't force our daughter to hug us or relatives because we ...more

8 Ways to Be Strategic With Toys

Toys can be great ways to help kids learn, socialize, mimic the adult world, have fun, learn how to share, practice vocabulary and motor skills, and learn pre-academic skills.Here are 8 ways to sustain interest in toys and use them to overcome everyday challenges....more

The law of attraction - in evidence

Today was a good day. Yesterday, not-so-much.Today I picked myself up and decided to share positivity around.Like attracts like, I remember reading.Today, I woke up with the mind-set that I was going to make this a good day (as much as I possibly could) after not coping very well with yesterday.Some days are just shit aren’t they. You wake up tired. Feel more emotional than usual.Why?You know something really small  will tip you over the edge. You try and have a word with yourself, but you are too exhausted. Yesterday was one of those....more

10 Decisions You Don't Have to Justify to Anyone as a Parent

Allow me to get straight to the point on this one. Parenting circles are rough. We can be the biggest bunch of know-it-all, opinionated assholes that ever walked the face of the Earth. And the outsiders {people who aren’t parents} looking in?...more

When a Marriage Ends

How many months or years in the making? I don’t know; I feel duped. I guess I let myself be.My husband, typically passive, decided. He sat with it, absorbed it, and lived it for months, maybe longer. He pretended, laughing at family dinners, fathering, cuddling, kissing, celebrating my birthday, Christmas, changing jobs, and making other major life decisions. He didn’t want to face it, I guess. He’s not devious. He’s scared....more
I just joined BlogHer.. First section I checked out Divorce. Because like you, out of the blue ...more