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Our "If You Do This, Then We'll Do That" Children

Back in the day (at least my day), when my then young children had to comply with my instructions, I told them what to do and they did it.  No ifs, protests, or anything as  a matter of fact....more

Toddler Tales || Flying Edition


When Did Being a Good Mom Turn Bad?

I remember the moment well. About four years ago I invited a little girl over to play with my kids. Her mom dropped her off and we chatted while the kids played. Then she told me she'd be back in an hour. About seven minutes later, apparently our basement full of toys became completely uninteresting, and three little people carrying a science experiment book confronted me. "Pleassssssse can we do something in this book? We won't make a mess," they begged. ...more
All mums are torn constantly between the stay at home thing and the working mum thing. Such a ...more

Nothing Beats a Three Year Old's Pillow Talk

"Mommy? Mommy??? Will you lay down with me, for just a few minutes?" Every now and then there are nights when my daughter has a hard time falling asleep.  My husband or I will lay on her floor next to her bed.  What else would I be doing with my evening? Probably watching some mind-numbing reality show.  A little time on her floor is much more entertaining and we have the best conversations when this happens. ...more

What Toilet-Training My Son Taught Me About Myself

Published in BLUNTmoms.Some people blame God for life’s difficulties. I don’t. I blame my 6-year-old son. He’s a darling. I love him like crazy. But his bathroom manners have a long way to go....more

Quiet Busy Mornings, Loud Busy Afternoons, In Between Evenings, & Smooshed Nights

That's what a life in the day of this stay-at-home mother is like - quiet busy mornings, loud busy afternoons, in between evenings, and smooshed nights!My Quiet Busy Mornings go like this:...more

Valentine's Day Party Printable for GoGoSqueez

 I made these gift tags for Whitney's pre-kindergarten class last year. The kids loved them!...more

My Son Has No Eyes!

My Son Has No Eyes It was during an ultrasound that I heard the terrifying words,  "I think that your baby's right eye didn't develop."About a month later at my next appointment, his concerns were confirmed.  Now it was my decision they said as to whether or not to continue with the pregnancy....more

How Do You Tell Your Child He Is Autistic?

How do you tell your child he has autism? Seriously, how do you do this? ...more
I have 4 autistic grandsons on all ends of the spectrum. We have learned about autism as they ...more