Please Don't Call Me "THAT kid"

I recently read an article written by a teacher titled “Dear Parent: About THAT Kid.” ( I loved it; it did a wonderful job of highlighting the fact that there is usually an underlying reason why “THAT kid” might possibly be displaying some of the behaviors he does. I finished it, nodding in agreement as I silently thanked her for sticking up for “THAT kid”. ...more

When Kids Get Sick

Sometimes, you have good intentions, and life just gets in the way. I have fallen off the post something every day wagon for NaBloPoMo.  First it was computer issues, then a sick kid. Priorities, right?  ...more

The Art of Gratitude: 5 Nuances of Giving Thanks

Thankfulness allows us to rest. In an age where we are always working toward more, setting goals for the future, and pursuing our next steps, thankfulness allows us to stop striving – even if just for a moment. Feeling thankful involves stepping out of our own consuming race for “more” and being grateful for “what is.”...more
josiane Thanks for your message. That would be great if you reposted it on your blog. Thanks, ...more

How to Change a One Year Old's Diaper in 35 Easy Steps

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt: Write a "how to" post about anything you've got skills for, small or large.A Step by Step Guide to Changing a One Year Old's Diaper:1. Catch baby after chasing him around the couch.2. Lift baby so his bum is in front of your face.3. Conduct whiff test to confirm, yes, he pooped.4. Carry squirming baby to the changing area.5. Place baby on his back on the changing table.6. Commence taking off baby's pants as he tries to roll over.7. Place baby on his back on the changing table, again....more

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Instead of going to see Santa, I write letters to Santa for my kids. They just tell me what to ...more

20 Ways to Involve Grandparents in Your Child's Life

Grandparents can have such a positive influence on the lives of our children. By proactively including and inviting grandparents into our family lives, we encourage our children’s relationships with them.Here are a few ideas for involving grandparents in your child’s life.1) Sign up for a class for your child to do with a grandparent, such as squirrel class at the arboretum, library story time, make a birdhouse class at Home Depot, bake cupcakes class at the park district, or music class at the arts center....more

3 Unexpected Ways to Bond with Your Kids

One of the best ways to bond with kids is to have fun with them. Sharing joy is the most powerful way to connect with young children. When there’s laughter, smiles, friendly roughhousing, silly teasing, games, or creative play, relationships are strengthened....more

Talking and Listening to Our Children: Finding That Special Place

 Children are curious and naturally have a lot of questions.  I'm always intrigued with how my children see things, particularly my older son who is extrememly observant.  Lately, he has used our time in the car to talk with me about a range of topics, some silly, funny and others are serious.  I think it's great when our children open up to us and we can have that special place, no matter where it is, to have discussions....more

Are You A Helicopter Parent? 5 Times It's A Good Thing

 Are you a helicopter parent?I know I am. I am even ashamed about it sometimes, yet I still can’t seem to quit even realizing it might be hurting my child....more

5 Ways to Love Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

I wrote this article a while back, and it might be helpful to some parents, so I'm sharing it here today....more
This is perfect! I really love the part about your house not staying perfect because that is ...more