Gun Control: A Battle with a Four-Year-Old

Within 5 minutes of having a toy gun in our house, we have an injury....more

How to Fight Cyberbullying

From “The Karate Kid” to “How to Train Your Dragon” to “Little House on the Prairie,” bullying is a common theme that reflects the real issues children and young adults face when peers begin a campaign of hate. And because learning how to subdue a rare dragon or perform a threatening karate kick isn’t effective (or even realistic) in social settings, parents have struggled to find the best way to explain bullying and give their children the tools necessary to combat — or simply survive — the unwanted attention....more
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Top 7 Responses to the Stupid Things People Say to Moms of Kids with Issues

Ahhh, those wonderful and "well-meaning" people who always have something to say about our "issues kids" and our parenting.We first wrote about them in our Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions post, but they really need no introduction....more

Life & Style With Kids

I’ve been in a writing stupor lately. I sit down to do it, and spend my time on the computer “researching” other things like how to grout a perfect straight line, or how to make Lorax trees from pom poms and pool noodles. Important stuff, you see....more

Denial is a Pricey Road

I have jeans longer than I have owned some of my vehicles. In the last 10 years I have had 5 vehicles. Not because I was in an accident and needed a new car, or because I need the latest and greatest. Nope, I have had 5 vehicles because I was in denial – for years....more

Daddy is a drag queen


Last night was Back to School Night at the kids' new school in North Portland. And for the first time since forever, I lived within walking distance of my kids' elementary school. I was really looking forward to it! Back to School Night is awesome when you're under 12. Do you remember the excitement of bringing your parents into your classroom? Of showing them your desk and your cubby and where you put your lunchbox? Of introducing them to your teacher and how it was like connecting with celebs at a B-movie after-party?...more

An Open Letter to my Children - All you need is Love

My darlings,Of all the posts I will write with you in mind, this one is the most precious.  This is the big one; the most important one.  The ONLY one that will really matter when it's all said and done.  It's so multi-layered, it's going to be hard to condense this into a blog post.  I will try....more

An Untold Story About James Gandolfini: Giving Up the Roles We Play

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” Amelia Earheart...more

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