Teach Your Children Well

The heat reflects off the black pavement and I am sweating (OK, maybe I’m glowing) on a warm day at the Alameda County Fair. I’ve visited all my favorite exhibitions, like the photography and art exhibit (amazing display, as always), the flower/garden exhibit, the big and small animals (love the rabbits), and the Billy Mays lookalikes.  I missed my favorite this year, the pig races. I also had to make a quick stop to my husband’s model train exhibit his club has every year....more

Baby Boy's 14 Months!!

Baby Boy,You are getting so so big. I marvel at how tall you are and at the way you move through the world. I'm constantly amazed at how interested in everything you are and how you are always trying something new. I'm impressed at your strength, problem-solving, and both the effort and joy in your accomplishments. You want to climb and play and share in all that you know and learn about all that you don't know....more

The Role of Supervision in the Home And Teen Sex

A primary way to decrease risky sexual behavior in teens is to limit their opportunity to be in risk prone situations, specifically keeping them supervised at home. “Sexually active youths have sex at home when they are unsupervised.”...more

5 Ways to Invest In Your Children’s Future

Investing. Typically, when we talk about investing, we are thinking about putting money into stocks, bonds, or mutual funds in a retirement account or a savings account. There is usually a tangible goal in mind: being able to retire comfortably or paying for a child’s college education. That type of investing is definitely something that should be a part of every person’s financial plan. But that is not the only type of investing that is important....more

The Way is Paved With...

Why is it when I start my day with good intentions, they all fall to rot? As I was falling asleep last night I was determined to actually get up when my alarm went off so that I could get going on my day. I did get up when my alarm went off, but mostly because I was telling my son to go back to sleep. I decided to take my shower anyway, even though I knew my son would be complaining by the time I got out, which he was. I couldn’t even get dressed without having to go in and tell him to lay down for a few more minutes. By 6:30, I had him downstairs feeding him....more

Fruit of My Labors

My son is 19 months old, and I am going crazy. I’m sure every new mom feels like this. It was so much easier when he was just crying all the time and I felt like I would die from lack of sleep. Seems funny to say that now. At the time, I thought things couldn’t get worse. But I now know that there are worse things than a major lack of sleep. Such as a toddler who has a mind of his own....more

I Survived My First Year as a School Mom

I’ve been walking a tight rope strung between two high rise buildings in the middle of New York city. Too much weight on one side and I could’ve slipped, free-falling 72 floors to my premature death. For the last 10 months, I tried meticulously to find balance in my first year as a mom of a school-aged child. ...more
Congratulations! It does feel like a parental accomplishment. My older child just finished K, ...more

Dating After Divorce As A Mom

 I always loved Carrie Bradshaw and the gang. I tend to get philosophical like Carrie, have been labeled a goodie-two-shoes like Charlotte yet have also been known to enjoy myself like Samantha and eat cake out of the garbage like Miranda. Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't.The thing is though, I never fully understood, appreciated or related to their dating experiences until after my divorce.I met my ex husband while we were still in college. Anyone I dated before the age of 20 really doesn't count, right?...more

The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Boy

Disclaimer:  I realize this is a sensitive subject for many.  Please, understand this was not written with a heart of condemnation, but rather with a heart wanting to understand. ...more
The parents haven't made any permanent changes. They're just calling him a little boy because he ...more