Y.O.L.O. and other wise sayings from my sons

My sons are 13, 11, and 5 years old. They love to shout, Y.O.L.O and other phrases that I am usually clueless about. It generally irritates me because they say it in response to everything.Recently though, I realized that my sons offer me daily wisdom in how to approach life through their sassy retorts. They don’t realize that they’re offering bits of wisdom. They’re just doing their thing, being their genuine selves....more
Funny, that's the thing about generations, each one comes up with their own "thing". My 9 year ...more

My Baby is Kind of a Jerk!

You have the most amazing baby in the world.  You are SO in love with this bundle of joy.  Those eyelashes nestled fan-like, ever so delicately upon his face as he sleeps....those little hands...that thigh chub...utter perfection!  We know your gratitude knows no limits for this magnificent baby of yours.   But let's face it:BABIES ARE UNPROFESSIONAL!...more

3 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Disappointment

Learning from DisappointmentsIf you have been a parent for just a few years, you will recognize the look of disappointment on your child's face.  Disappointment is part of childhood.  Disappointment is hard for children.  It's usually hard for adults too, I hate disappointment.  The agony of disappointment during our school years seems so much greater than other times in life....more

My 5 Key Steps For How to Not Raise a Picky Eater

Do you have a child that is a picky eater? I do. With a child that is a picky eater, every meal feels like I am a short order cook. One meal for the family and another for the picky eater. ...more
I was the youngest of five children, and my parents' only picky eater.   I had a stay-at-home ...more

Is It Still Okay to Blog About My Kids?

As my kids have grown out of infancy, I've thought more and more about where the boundaries are around what I share on my blog and on other forms of social media. I think about it quite a lot, and I've wanted to write about it many times, but I have backed off every time in fear of being too judgmental of other parents. ...more
When I write something about my kids, I ask them if it is okay to post a particular story. I ...more

The Tuesday Ten List - 10 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Sanity

As our children start back to school, our routines will get busier.  For mom's, it's easy to get lost in the many daily activities.  Here's a list of 10 Things you can do to keep your day under control.Life is to busy for most of us.  These 10 daily steps will help you achieve order on the busiest days....more

Breastfeeding My Adopted Baby

 Mordecai 2.5 months, Jubilee 5 days...more

Childhood Keepsakes (Or What Do You Do With 40-Year-Old Baby Teeth?)

Why do we parents save our kids’ childhood mementos? Are we saving it all so we can occasionally rummage through the boxes and reminisce or do we plan to give it all to our children when they are older?If you agree with the latter, consider this scenario:Many, many years in the future you hand your grown daughter a box of her lovingly preserved childhood mementos. You await for what is sure to be a squeal of delight as she sifts through the treasures.Then she screams and slams the box shut....more

You'll Figure it Out

Four minutes after confirming my pregnancy, my husband and I realized we had twelve minutes of baby experience between us.“Should we have talked about this?” I asked.“Eh,” Bart shrugged. “You can learn anything on YouTube.”...more

Personalized Children's Gifts: Book Review and Giveaway

School will be returning soon for many students and often, children can be anxious and nervous about that first day.  My little girl is of preschool age and although she is excited about school, she has her doubts!  That is why I am grateful for books that can help ease her school jitters like I See Me! books.  These are sweet, personalized books created for children to make each child feel special....more