6 Things I Want My Children to Learn an Open Letter

To my Three Boys,Everyday I make a wish for you to live and grow to be healthy, strong, happy, smart, and successful.  I also make a wish for me and your father to have the same so that we can better help you find your happiness and achieve your goals.As you grow into men, I hope that I can teach each of you the six lessons that I feel are most important to your happiness and wellbeing....more

The Age of Sticks and Stones

I should've known from my own childhood that my boys don't need a lot of toys to have fun.  Some of my best memories are digging in the dirt with my brother, climbing trees, catching bugs and lizards and putting them in jars or bottles that we found.  I even remember the one time when my parents bought a new refrigerator and my brother and I got to keep the box, that box became our official ninja turtle lair, storm shelter, and on the sunny days we would take it outside and put it under our favorite climbing tree and swing into it....more

Should You Vaccinate Your Baby?

You want to protect your child. To keep him safe. And healthy. So what do you do about vaccines? You’re told to vaccinate to keep him safe. You’re told NOT to vaccinate to keep him safe. Which is it?If you don’t vaccinate and he gets measles you’ll feel guilty. You’ll blame yourself. People may judge you. Even if he doesn’t get measles they may say you made an irresponsible choice. They may suggest your actions are endangering their child....more


A meltdown and a touch-down ...more

This Will Never Happen

Here is a conversation between three people as they leave my house. This conversation will never happen. “I have never in my life seen a home so clean. Every surface sparkles. Truly astonishing…”“It’s a whole new level of tidy. It’s as though she took the act of cleaning and refined it to a higher art!”“She must only clean and do nothing else-““Not to be a jerk, but I think she should get some outside interests. I mean, it’s too clean. it’s, like, creepy clean…”...more

Going out to eat with toddlers is my idea of a good time!

How many of us actually go out to eat with our kids? This is really a mixed bag. I mean seriously sometimes I just want a break from cooking dinner and cleaning up. So clearly we go out to eat. However with kids who are 3 and 1 - well this can end up being more stressful than worth it. Okay so here is where I am conflicted. Pros of going out to eat with preschoolers: 1. I don't have to cook.2. I don't have to clean up....more

To the Boy Who Said My Daughter Isn't Pretty Enough to Play With

I knew immediately when I picked Maddy up from school yesterday that something was wrong. The happy-go-lucky, funny and vibrant little girl that normally greets me at the end of the day was replaced by a more reserved, shy and quiet statue. Instead of running to the car with glee as she normally would, she walked quietly by my side as if we were taking our last steps off the plank. ...more
What did you tell her after she told you this?   AHAHAH Ethan  F* you - you little shit ahahah ...more

10 Things Every Parent Should Do When Raising Mixed Heritage Kids

Take two parents, two entirely different cultures, traditions and perspectives and you get a family with some pretty tough discussions, strong opinions and choices ahead. We can’t do it all and we certainly won’t do it perfectly when it comes to our mixed heritage kids but there are some things we as parents need to make priority when raising kids of dual or multiple cultures....more
MarfMom Thanks Marfmom. I hear that a lot. Adults wishing their parents had taught them their ...more