Is It Okay If Your Child Fears You?

Fear is not the first feeling I want to elicit from my children when I see them in the morning. Fear is not how most mothers want their kids to say they feel about them. But fear is a natural byproduct of the parent-child dynamic, no matter how hard we try to rid ourselves of it. ...more
I get what you're saying and agree to some extent. I don't think anybody should live in fear of ...more

My Son is Turning 1

Today is my son's first birthday, and I am at work.  I have been at work since 7:00 and I will be at work until 5:00.  After that his oldest sister has therapy and since bedtime is after that, we will party this weekend.  The hard part about it is two-fold.  First he is my only son and my last child.  Second and probably much more painful, I don't like my job (let alone love it) but I love my child.  I am, like many people, stuck currently in this job to pay my bills.  It is a noble job, and a worthwhile job, but I am done with it. ...more

Mommy, You Forgot My Shoes

 Before I had a kids, I was organized. Really organized. Everything had a place. Maybe even a label and a color. The house was picked up. Things were planned ahead of time. The schedule was organized. I left the house with everything I needed all the time....more

Paw Patrol and Family Diversity

I should blog more about cartoons and how they are shaping our young children.It's being done in a subtle way if you ask me.  I've moved on since Ian's fascination over Peppa Pig has faded and now a days Paw Patrol and Sponge Bob have taken stage center.One of the things that kind of pinpointed the impact these programs were having on Ian was when we brought home Albizu (our puppy) and he asked me,"Why doesn't Albizu talk?""What???"...more

An Important Note to "Responsible Parents" About Prom and Graduation Nights

Dear "Responsible Parents," We're in the middle of Prom season and graduation is just around the corner, so I thought the time was ripe for a reminder of What Not To Do on Prom Night and/or Graduation Night. And that is: DO NOT RENT A ROOM AT A HOTEL FOR YOUR KIDS. ...more
Wow I had now idea parents would actually be willing to book their kids a hotel room. That is so ...more

Children both blessing and lesson

This Mother Teresa Quote speaks to the what children bring into our lives.Click here to read more...more