apple music

While I was contemplating whether a wrinkled cantaloupe was worth ninety-nine cents, my autistic six-year-old son was pressing a full-price Fuji apple to his lips. A sound that might have been “nom nom” prompted me to turn around....more

10 Reasons Bed Rest is Awesome!


Walking Tall

Something upset my son recently, and it took me rather by surprise....more

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5 Things Your Babysitter Wants You to Know

Aside from child care during the day for working parents, the next most stressful decision when it comes to the care of your child(ren) is the choice of a babysitter. ...more
Finally the voice of the serving silent is heard!more

Where Are The Functional Families?

Could your family attend a functional family convention? Or are you like way too many of us with issues abounding? It's no wonder. We're all in families but none came with a user's manual. We get no instruction and we definitely need it. So, here goes my attempt at helping people who would someday like to attend a functional family convention. (Although they may be the only people in the room.)...more

Whose To Say One and Done is Wrong?

 It started around six months after Chickie was born. I was frequently asked, “So – when are you guys going to have another?” Truth be told, I was still struggling with becoming a new mother, returning to work full-time, coping with the sleepless nights but most of all, my body was still recove...more

I don't even think I have any ducks

Having all of your ducks in a row. A skill I have yet to master. It hit me the other day…I am not so sure I even have any ducks. Maybe…I have never had them. Maybe…that’s my problem. Or… Maybe…that’s my secret....more

The Co-Parenting Diaries: How To Not "Kill" Your Ex On The Bad Days

I had been hellaciously sick...for almost a week. I finally caved and forced myself to ask the doctor for antibiotics last Monday, and she graciously obliged. Thankfully, I have been on the mend ever since....more