My Child's Gifted?

Surrogacy and Paternity Testing: What Are They, Really?

The word "surrogacy" gets thrown around a lot, but not everyone fully understands what it is. How do you define surrogacy? And if a gay couple wants to father a child, which partner should donate the sperm?Even paternity testing is common knowledge - in fact, it is the stuff many telenovelas are made of. But what are its legal implications?Surrogacy takes place when a woman carries a baby for another person or couple, brining the pregnancy to term. This woman is referred to as the surrogate and it is her who enables couples who cannot have children to become parents....more

No More Epic Fails (You are NOT failing, Mama!)

Recently, I've heard mothers throwing around the term "epic fail" in regard to their parenting efforts.  It is supposed to be a funny/sarcastic way to look at various minor disasters, but it's the self-deprecating aspect of the phrase that I'm feeling some aversion to....more

Why We Don't Have A TV

What?!  We don't have a TV?  Whose crazy idea was that?? ...more

How do kids learn to hope?

Only hope can keep me together, sang the Police, as we drove along one afternoon. We were coming back from ski lessons, trying to warm our frozen toes in the blasts from the car’s heater.“Only Hulk can keep us together?” my son asked from the backseat. That kid is all about superheroes.“No, baby,” I answered. “He’s singing about hope. He said ‘only hope.’”“I think he said Hulk.”My husband chimed in. “He definitely said hope, R. ‘Only hope can keep me together.’”...more

Granting My Kids' Wishes, One Dandelion at a Time

From those whispered in tiny voices before drifting off to sleep, to those shouted for the world to hear, I tirelessly work at granting my children's wishes in a world full of "not nows" and "maybe laters." Some may say I'm spoiling my children by granting their wishes, but I'm not refering to the whiny meltdowns in the toy aisle we've all been privy to nor the wants of today stemming from a checklist of grade school comparables all too soon forgotten. ...more
jhanis Absolutely!more

No Way! That's FREE Education?

Thank you for sharing this. I've checked it out briefly, because it seems to be working with a ...more

Who Says Babies Don't Come with a Manual?

“Who Says Babies Don’t Come With a Manual?"This blog is written from the perspective of the newborn baby to his/her loving parents. ...more