I Admit It: 5 Ways I've Become "That Mom"

One day last week as Chickie played with her toys and basically managed to turn our living room into a war zone (But seriously, how do they know to bring out every. single. toy. they own??), I watched with great curiosity and anxiety as I thought to myself, “Hmmm. Wonder how I’m going to get her to clean up this mess…”  Here lately, obediently listening to mommy and daddy and doing as instructed hasn’t been high on Chickie’s to do list. It’s no surprise, really. A lot of it has to do with her age....more

What Moms Really Want for Christmas

Sure, we love the little trinkets and thoughtful gifts that are given to us every year for Christmas but if I had my choice between receiving another infinity scarf or choosing from one of the “gifts” below {Maybe you too if you’re being honest?}, I have to confess that I just may very well want one or all of these… 1 | A Full, Long-Term, Uninterrupted Night’s Sleep. I haven’t had extended, uninterrupted sleep since Chickie was around 9 months old. She is now three and a half. Sure, we get a night here or there but nothing consistent....more

Confessions of a Christmas Fraud

I am a Christmas fraud and I don’t know how to tell my children....more

Observing my Family, aka Children in the Mist

I have a very active imagination. Sometimes I think of the weirdest things; just the tiniest fragments of thought that gain momentum until they have a life of their own, like a spark in a fireplace. These thoughts are often strange, sometimes disturbing, and usually apropos of nothing.For example, I wondered what it would be like if scientists embedded themselves with my family in our natural habitat. You know, like apes in the wild. That’s normal, right?Okay, well. Whatever. I digress....more

Santa won't come, your face will freeze like that and other lies I tell my kids

Someone once said “I believe in being honest with my kids, 101 percent.”That someone wasn’t me. I lie to my kids all the time.  I’m not just talking about the trifecta of deception:  Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.  I don’t creatively bend the truth.  I straight up lie like Pinnochio.  Am I ashamed?  No.  Lying to my kids saves my sanity, not to mention time and money.  And sometimes, it’s just fun to eff with them a little.Here are seven of my go-to’s:...more

Newborn Survival Guide

Coming home from the hospital with a brand new baby in tow is an exciting period. At the same time, it is a demanding phase full of new lessons to be learnt and a series of trials and errors until you discover what works best. I am blessed to have gone through this phase with 3 amazing babies, all of which had different temperaments and demands from one another. I have compiled a list of essential products and wise words that will hopefully help new mothers discover and enjoy the magic of motherhood from the early days....more

Want to Give Your Kids An Awesome Christmas Present? Give Them This.

Want to give children something truly special for the holidays? Let them help you with your Christmas tasks.I will never forget the Christmas when I took my four-year-old son on the Polar Express train ride, to visit Santa at his local hangout, to the tree lighting ceremony, and to the Christmas story time at the library....more

The Gift of Special Needs

Saturday we went to a Christmas party hosted by Parent to Parent, our local support group for families with children with special needs. We have just recently gotten involved with them and it has been great to connect with other parents in our community....more

Celebrate Your Gung Ho (and the part of you that picks up the pieces)

When I had three kids under four years old, I became interested in baking the healthy kind of blueberry muffins. My friends stocked flax and chia seeds next to their flour and vanilla, so why couldn’t I?...more

The Horse, The Bicycle, The Wagon, and The Kitchen

I have fallen…and I feel like I should be able to fashion some sort of horse, bicycle and wagon bar joke from that title…but i can’t quite seem to get up and pull it together. I have had a difficult time getting back my writing groove…and I don’t have a lot of time to look for it now.I am loosing a battle as I type.  I have dropped the reigns and fallen asleep at the wheel…I am falling down on standing guard as it were…as it is....more