Sleepaway Camp Memories from A-Z

For millions of former campers, the warm weather triggers memories of summers spent at sleepaway camp. Its been 13 years since I went to camp and I still have vivid dreams about singing alma maters around a campfire and watching Princess Bride on rainy days....more

The Stupid Shit Childless People Say

 Before I get too much into this post, let me start with a confession: I was one of those annoying, know-it-all, gonna-tell-you-how-to-raise-kids-when-I’ve-never-had-any-kids asshole kind of childless person. I was known for such great hits as:...more
“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” ― ...more

5 Ways Being a Working Mom Sucks

I feel ya!!!! power on!more

Go Home Dinnertime. You're Drunk. (And I Wish I Was Too)

 Parenting magazines, commercials, rich moms with nannies and Pinterest would have you believe that dinnertime in America looks something like this... ...more

Dear Dads: I've Got Your Back


An Unexpected Lesson From the Piano Tuner

A month or so ago, I happened upon a perfectly good piano at a local yard sale. We’d been planning to get a piano for the family, and as yard sales only last a day, this opportunity pressed the issue. The family selling it was moving and needed it gone fast, so we picked it up for a deal.There was just one problem: it was completely out of tune. So bad, in fact, that we couldn’t play it at all in the middle. ...more

Her Mistakes

She handed them to me. A pile. A small cluttered stack. Papers. Colored, crossed out, written on. Busywork from most of the service's duration....more

A More Fruitful Life

I enjoy reading posts that speaks to my spirit, So, As I was reading through a book of devotions for LDS youth book, I stopped to read a post titled " A More Fruitful Life"As I read the post, I immediately begin to say to myself, this is exactly how my heart is, and how I think, and how I wish I had a magic wand to cause everyone to have a heart like this because if so, it would make our world a better place to live in. This is how the story goes....more

Why I Disliked the Toddler Phase

You are not kidding!  So far, I think the only good year was 2 and my daughter turns 4 in a few ...more