How Do I Know If My Son Is Really An Addict and Should I Try To Stop His Habit?

My 15-year-old son is an addict.I know he's an addict because of the first thing he does in the morning, because of what he reaches for all day long, because of what he never wants to put down at night, because of what he sneaks into bed hours after his parents have gone to sleep.Whenever he doesn't have somewhere he has to be or something he has to do, he wants his fix. And he fights like hell if I try to take it away. It's not as noticeable during the school year when he's busy, but in the summer his addiction is much more apparent....more

Parenting Beyond Racism: Ways to Support Aspiring Children of Color

 It's OK to shine, just not too brightly if you're a young brown Muslim in Irving, Texas....more
dgoska Wow. Thanks for underscoring the need for this article. All best, LGmore

Life Skills with Toddlers: Cleaning

As I'm sure you've picked up from the series so far, Baby Boy really is a great help around the house!  And, what's even better, he enjoys doing tasks that Hun and I do.  Baby Boy has always wanted to be involved in what we're doing, whether it be work on the computer, writing, drawing, crafting, working on the car, remodeling the house, or even cleaning.Today, I'm highlighting some of the ways in which he helps to keep the house more clean and organized.Wiping up spills (or potty accidents)Wiping the tables and chairs after meals...more

What To Feed A Child Athlete

It’s back-to-school time in NY and that means that many children and their parents are gearing up for school sports. My cousin, being one of these parents, recently texted me to ask about hydration for her 8 year old son who plays baseball in the Florida heat. She said that many of the other parents were sending sports drinks to practice with their kids, and she wasn’t sure that this was appropriate. The tricky part about child sports nutrition (and really nutrition in general) is that parents aren’t sure how it should differ from adult sports nutrition....more

"I Hate You"

“I hate you.” Gina screamed down at me from the top of the stairs in our house. “You’re the worst mother ever.”Irritation raced up my spine. This ten minutes of Hell, dished by my daughter, was beginning to wear. All over a trip to Starbucks with Tommy when she was supposed to be in Algebra class. Skipping school at sixteen. My jaw locked. Yes, the teenaged years raged in full force....more

Are we Enough?

A deep well of grief--a place that has no words--lives inside my body.  It moves, sometimes resting on my heart, sometimes rushing through my veins, sometimes receding in my bones so deep that I think it’s disappeared, only to come roaring to life in my ears in the middle of the night.   I call it the dark place—the place where this tiny infant girl lost her mother in the middle of the night.  After years of therapy, attempting to disentangle the sorrow and anxiety, I try to handle it like this: ...more

Pack a College Survival Kit!

In 1995, I spent a semester at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. I left Alaska, the state I was born and raised in for Hawaii. I traded frozen nose hairs and permafrost for sun and surf. The University of Hawaii had an excellent Linguistics program at the time and a tuition exchange with Alaska. I was able to attend the University of Hawaii at the resident rate; which happened to be cheaper than the university I was attending in Alaska. It was win-win...especially when you realize I dragged my brand new husband along with me!...more

All Moms Are Working Moms: An Open Letter

Dear Working Moms:...more

Youngest Child Appreciation Day