Advice to Twenty-Somethings from a Fifty-Something on How to Address the Stress in Your Twenty-Something Life

My husband and I have four children together, all in their twenties. They are knee-deep in new jobs, school, kids, in-laws, and money worries. All of them handle stress in different fashions, but they are finding their ways in the world. Some listen to our sage advice; others nod, ignore, and move in completely different directions. ...more

Parenting your Adult Child with Altruism & Reality

I am an imperfect parent.I learned a long time ago what codependency was.I also realized what control and fear looked like in parenting. I have learned a lot in 27 years of parenting, and the learning continues to amaze me....more
To update , gently as possible..I have had to accept this stage of disconnect after again ...more

Skin in the Game: When Your Daughter Wants to Become an Egg Donor

our youngest daughter has signed a lease to live off campus next school year. She will be a third year student, a junior, and she will be 21 by the time she starts the school year. She has a job when she is home for the Summer and during school breaks and has more than a little bit of money saved up, but she realizes that she will need to supplement this money in order to not use it all up before the end of the term. So, she has been looking for jobs in her college town. On Craigslist. There are a number of money-making opportunities on Craigslist....more
They sign contracts agreeing to give up their children if and when any are gestated and born. ...more

The 18-23 "Know-It-All" Stage Most Painful for Parents

Most of us parents start seeing the Know-it-all phase in teenagers starting right around age twelve.  Suddenly we, as parents; become idiots and the kids think they are smarter than we are.  We deal with various phases of this stage throughout the rest of their teenage years....more

Sometimes Maybe Means Yes

Everyone has been on one side of this conversation or the other; a child says, “Mom, can we…” and mom says, “Maybe.”The kid replies, “But, mom I REALLY want to!” And the mom says, “I SAID maybe!”Next the kid says, “But MAYBE always means no!” And the mom says, “No it doesn’t, maybe means maybe!”This can go on and on, but you know how it goes. You’ve been there....more

Two Lost Keys and Goodbye to Summer

Procrastination and denial are the culprits. This is a post that can wait no longer, with the official debut of the fall season tomorrow. Yes, it's time to say goodbye to summer.Sigh.Our summer weekends are pretty damn wonderful. My family has a beach house on the New Jersey coast, "down the shore," as the vernacular goes. Just two hours away is our beloved getaway. My husband and I, and assorted other relatives, relish our summer weekends of pure relaxation....more

12 Tips for Gently Parenting Your Adult Children (Hint: It starts when they’re newborns!)

 “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” ~Ralph Waldo EmersonI am a ‘baby mama’ when it comes to parenting my adult children. That means that my adult parenting skills are in their infancy despite the fact that…...more

Puppy Love

I grew up without ever having a pet. We were a family of 5 children and looking back, I’m surprised the subject never came up. But, it didn’t.By the time I was an adult I just wasn’t all that interested. I would watch people walk their dogs and stand and wait while the dog did his thing and then have to scoop the mess up in a little plastic bag and think “Who would want to do that day after day?”Brittany’s friend recently bought a two-month-old Jack Russell Terrier. She went with him to pick up the dog from Georgia and emailed me about 20 pictures of Addison (Addie)....more

Look at Me!

I was recently listening to Greg Laurie on the radio and he mentioned a USA Today poll of Millennials, young Americans born after 1982, who said what they wished for most in life, is to be rich and famous. We certainly see this with You Tube and some of the crazy things that go on. But, I thought it was interesting that he related it to the fact that this generation of kids grew up with a camera in their face every time they did anything. First smile, first tooth, first haircut, first day of school, first job… ...more

Bad News: The Fundraising Never Ends for Parents

A friend sent me one of those pass along emails recently. It was called ‘Parenting Description’ and set up like a classified ad for a job. I was surprised they left out “Parents must buy not only from every fundraiser that their child participates in, but from all the children of every friend and neighbor who buys from your child!”...more
some groups simply need fundraising! either join or don't join is the only way, unfortunately, ...more