In these days of cell phones, emails and instant messages, can the nest really be empty?

We took our one and only child to college this week. I ended up doing most of the packing myself. I gave her a cooler to sort through her bathroom of beauty products and came up an hour later to find her with a green mask on her face and marveling over all the great earrings she forgot she had! That’s because inspite of three earring holders she usually tosses the ones she takes off into the back of the drawer.   It was faster for me to pack for her!   I too found lots of things in her room I’d been missing – mostly silverware!...more

Dog Park

We went to Charleston last weekend to attend a wedding that Brittany was a bridesmaid in. We also went to meet her new puppy, see her new apartment, oh, and meet the boyfriend.   I overheard Brittany’s phone call to John a few nights earlier. Brittany, “Dan is nervous about meeting you.”   John, “Good!”   I told him that wasn’t the attitude he should have going in to the weekend....more

Baby Boomer Mothers Go Tiger. Sort Of.


Seeing is Believing

As a mother whose children live over yonder, there comes a time when phone conversations and emails won’t do, no matter how frequent.   I need face-to-face time with those two children of mine.  When I see their faces, I will know what’s really going on – not what they tell me – which is often what they think I want to hear. ...more