10 Things Your Kids Need to Know

As I sat in the departure area waiting to board a recent flight, a middle-aged woman sitting across from me took a call on her cell phone. It was hard not to overhear the almost immediate anguish in her voice. I garnered pretty quickly that she was getting news of a death. Her face turned gray and her voice shook as she tried to console the bereaved person on the other end of the phone. "Oh honey, you can't blame yourself," and, "I'm so sorry. This is such sad, sad news." And then, "Well, you never know, he might reschedule. Maybe he just got busy."...more
Yes, Yes, YES!!!! I am frequently overheard telling my daughter to suck it up buttercup. Not to ...more

Ten Things I Learned in a Decade of Parenting

My twins turn ten this weekend. That means I have a decade of experience in parenting. If I was building my resume, I’d say that makes me an industry expert....more

Parenting Reality vs. Classic Advice for New Parents

Ask anyone and they will surely have a tip or two for new and expecting parents.  A lot of the new parent advice is great and comes from a place of experience and well meaning.  But there are a lot of pearls of wisdom that you hear a lot and sound really nice but in my experience, a lot of these “golden” rules of new parenting are not realistic.So what is the reality of parenthood versus the classic new parent advice? Classic Advice:  Sleep as much as you can before baby comes...more

"I can't Discipline my Kids because they won't listen to me"

 I hear this a lot from parents. They say they’ve tried everything and nothing works. That their kids are more strong willed, feisty, active, autistic, ADHD, defiant or just more difficult than other kids.Well, I’ve worked with all those kids and haven’t met one yet who doesn’t react positively to discipline. Sometimes more creativity and thought is put into challenges like autism, as our expectations have to be realistic to their abilities. But it’s all good....more
stepparenting I will be watching for this, you have sparked my interest!more

Things I Wish My Father Would Have Said To Me

My mother and I are very close, and she is undoubtedly my biggest fan, but it takes more than just one parent to raise a child, and this is what I wish I would have gotten from the other.*Click image to read full article*...more

Patience. If You Don't Have It, Don't Have Kids!

Sometimes you want to scream and pull out all of your hair–your heart racing, while the blood boils down to your soul. That's when you have to stop... Take ten deep breaths and remember who your are.Click logo to read full article on HubPages!...more

Playdates: Sometimes You've Got To Take One For The Team

I woke up the other day and realized my life is shrinking. Does that make sense? It made sense to me and it makes even more now, but I'm not sure... *Click logo to read full post*...more

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Jacklegs

Lately, my children have been testing me. Well technically, "testing me" is a constant state of being for them, but lately they just seem to be doing it on steroids. And that means it's time to review some discipline tactics I've long had in my arsenal but forgot were there. I was looking over some materials from a "Love and Logic" course my husband and I took when my oldest was a toddler....more

Top 10 Lessons from a Decade of Parenting

This summer, our oldest daughter, Ava, turned ten. That means I’ve officially been a parent for ten years. With a decade of parenting lessons under my belt, I now qualify as a parenting expert. At least in my own mind. ...more
@Kathy K And that's when I'll be calling you! Do you have an emergency teen hotline? ;-)more

Advice to My 30-Something New Mom Self

There's been a mini baby boom going on around here these days.  Most of these moms are first-timers in their thirties with established careers and carefree lives.  Boy, are things going to change for them now!  I was once one...more