Forbidden ...

The fact that you are reading this blog now because the word of "Forbidden ...". You probably wondering what is this blog all about. You are not alone, even during ancient times, Eve was drawn to the forbidden fruit. I remember when I was very young ...
My recent blog about a book called, “The Tipping Point,” by Malcolm Gladwell, mentioned that ...more

sky is the limit ...or is it?

At one of my high school reunion, I was asked to give some meaningful advices to the current high-schoolers then. So, inevitably at the end of my speech, I said, “Aim high and you can do it!” I am one of those who believe in goals. Without goals, I feel like I am driving in circle without any destination. Without goals, I feel like I am doing things that never end. Without goals, I feel like I am in a limbo state. I believe for an individual to be successful, a goal needs to be set and aim as high as one could....more
What prompted me to write this blog was my fourteen year old, Pepper, came to me the other day ...more

Buckets full of expectations ...

Each of us carries a bucket of expectation for each and every one of our circle of friends, including loved ones. Paradoxically, it always starts with empty bucket. Each time our buckets are filled with accomplishments, good deeds, or kind gestures by others, we in turn replaced it with more expectations....more

Special feeling ...

(I posted this blog on the other blog last year but it contains a very nice message so I thought I share this with all of you here at Often times, something special or someone special will touch your heart and all of sudden,  ...more

Where are our manners ...

Ever since email, internet and cell phone have been unveiling, we found ourselves doing more and more things at once....more
I must admit for the past one month, I wasn't at my best manner. I have been on my computer ...more

Half empty or half full ... your choice ..

Scientifically, whichever way you look at it, the volumes stay the same. The glass contains half of the liquid, so it could be half empty or half full. But, if we look at things philosophically, it is totally a different issue....more
Do you think if we are looking at things positively, we probably would tend to give positive ...more

Perfect to me ...

"A penny for my thoughts, Oh no, I'll sell em' for a dollar They're worth so much more after I'm a goner and maybe then you'll hear the words I've been singing ...more
I found this article ... Cupertino residents may remember the suicide of a Monta Vista High ...more

Journey of learning: Quest for an 'A' or knowledge?

Brother in law of mine commented in my last post re: Motivation and us. He brought up an excellent point which inspired me to write about this topic: Journey of learning! How do we ensure that the journey of learning doesn't become a quest for an 'A.’ But for knowledge?  ...more

Who says I am a typical mom!

Today, my girl, who is fourteen, told me that there is this dance event in her school. She said she is not going and would rather stay home watching kung-fu episodes with us. Most moms would have been happy to know that their girls are not party type. Yes. I am!

I am with you every step of the way …

“Mommy, do you think I will have a night-mare tonight?”“No, you will not, Baby Boo.”“Are you sure, Mommy?”“Yes! Because I will be there in your dream to protect you.”“Okay. Good nite and love you, Mommy!”“Good nite and love you , Baby Boo,” And she didn't have the night mare that she had on the night before....more