Failure is good

Since when did letting your child fail become a direct reflection of your ability to parent well?Failure is good.  Not in the Gordon Gekko kind of way but it is a lesson not to be taken lightly.  As a highly organized mum of four who stays on top of her children's academic and extra-curricular activities, I sometimes have to remind myself that there are benefits to failure.  I would even go so far as to say that at times I welcome failure. ...more

Parenting Radio Program

I will be doing a parenting radio program, starting October 13th, 1:00 p.m.  It's a podcast and I believe it will also be broadcast on SFU radio station (90.1 FM)....more

Kids Don't Come with Manuals ... unfortunately

There are tons of user manuals out there, i.e., books. The problem is that children aren't cars, dishwashers, etc. They all vary so much that it's impossible to have 1 manual for each one. I only have 2 children yet they couldn't be more different. Did I raise them the same way? Absolutely not....more

I Won't Tell

I've been writing for The Province (Vancouver) for a few years now, have a weekly parenting column in the Sunday Live It Section.  I'm always looking for questions for the column but know that a lot of parents are nervous as worry about their privacy.  Well, I'll let you in on a little secret ... I re-write all the questions.  I do that for 2 reasons:...more

Snippets From The Sidelines

“You only get so much field time because your parents are friends with the coach.” "You always get the solos because your mom volunteers in the class so much.” “I always score low because you’re so competitive and intimidate me.” "It's a good thing there were 5 spots or else you wouldn't have placed at all." “You’ll  never get into the college you want if you stay in this school district.” “Only weird kids are in the gifted classes.” ...more

Detaching From the Crutch: On Parenting Advice and GPS

Driving through narrow, winding roads on a wet and cold afternoon, I wonder (silently) if we are going the right way. After our second near miss of a head on collision, I speak up. "This doesn't seem right," I finally say, more than a little perturbed. ...more

You said it so well. It can be tough to weed through the abundance of information out there, but ...more

Baby Needs What?!

My husband and I spent the good part of Sunday afternoon “registering” for the baby yesterday.I guess you could have looked at the fact that we couldn’t even FIND the registry desk as some sort of omen that we were two clueless first-time parents, but a nice Babies ‘R’ Us employee pointed out the massive sign that said “Register Here,” and my husband and I were ready to start scanning....more


Thanks for following me from my newlywed status to my just plain clueless status. ...more

Parent Advice as You Like It!

Always when you gaze at your child, you are pondering the future. If you take care of a girl like me, you are pausing toward the possibility of her getting pregnant, taking harmful things, or even more. There are a lot of things that we do as guardians that need someone to come along and receiving the accurate parent advice that possiblely work for you. You are going to be able to obtain the perfect thought pattern when you reflect things through instead of simply making the quick choice of just going through the regulars....more

What are you afraid of?

I have a theory.Fear paralyzes.  Hope mobilizes....more

When I was 8 years old, my stepmother locked me into the bathroom with my worst fear at the time ...more

The Swine Flu is Hitting Kids: Please Take Your Child’s Symptoms Seriously

I am not the type to worry about flues and colds, but something happened yesterday that opened my eyes about the severity of the flu. In the preschool where I teach, we had our back-to-school meeting. Our Preschool Director presented the guidelines for how we will handle kids’ illnesses this year. Unlike previous years, there will be no latitude given with regard to a sick kid. ...more