Your Birthing/Parenting Choices Are None of My Business!

Someone recently posted this article on Facebook, The Unnatural Mom, and it was the final push for me to write this post....more

The Math & A Giveaway!

It has been over two months now since we moved from Texas to California.  We keep meeting new people and are slowly sliding into different social groups.  The same questions pop up at many places "What brings you to California?" ; "Do you work or stay at home?"; "Have you bought or are you leasing?"  So on......... I have clear, distinct answers to each.  No, the questions don't make me uncomfortable.  In fact, I'm glad I get to share my perspective on my choices....more

5 Reasons I Won't Make "Kid Food" for Dinner

Top Five Reasons I don't make "kid food" It costs additional time and money to prepare multiple entrées. All the food we eat is suitable for children. My job as a parent is to teach my child how to become an adult. "Kid Foods" are often not the healthiest options It is my kitchen and I don't want to!...more
@emilyguybirken You are doing what you think is best so it most likely is.  Sometimes is tough eh?more

Can't We Agree to Disagree

Now before you get yourself all flustered, this is my response to all the articles and books I have been reading about if you are "mom enough."  If you feel like I am talking about you, I am not talking about you.  I am talking about someone else, you don't know her.  I think she lives in Canada.  So read on and leave your judging until the end. Dear Judgemental Well Meaning Parent,...more

The Alicia Silverstone Issue:Or Shouldn't We Support, Not Attack, Good Parents?

Seems Alicia Silverstone isn't clueless about feeding her baby.A few weeks ago, the beautiful actress posted a video on her website, The Kind Life, of her pre-chewing food and then slipping it into her son Bear's mouth via her mouth. (You can view the video by clicking the link.)She wrote on her blog, and I quote:    I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite...and mine.People went so wild you would have thought she'd fed him from the garbage can....more

How Old is Too Old? I'll Let YOU Decide

Dear Delilah,Your father and I are selective about which vaccinations you get and when you get them. This means that you end up going to the doctor's office more often than most babies for vaccination-only appointments to make sure that you don't get what we consider too many shots at one time. Yesterday, I took you in for one of these vaccination-only appointments. You were a delight to the other patients in the waiting room, by the way, "reading" your book, smiling and waving at everyone, and "talking" to the fish in the fish tank....more

Security in your Parenting Choices

The past couple days, I really feel like my blog topics are lacking, I must admit I have been pre occupied with my actual life, family, and children to really put the thought I want to into the topics of my list for the time being.  Today, I am digging back into my list and my roots to talk about an issue that all parents will see at one time of their life once they become a parent and that is dealing with security in the choices you have made for your child....more