10 Things You Don’t Say to the Parents of Daughters

When you’re a parent, you get lots of advice.  And if you know me, you know that I hate unsolicited advice. I hated it when I was single and people told me how to find a husband. I hated it when I was pregnant and people told me how I should take care of myself. I hated it when my kids were small and people told me how to discipline them....more
My Dad (father of 4 daughters) always answered this way "why would I want a jack when I'm ...more


 @Darcie I've finally realized that. It's heartbreaking but it's out of my hands.  more

My Angry Inner Mom

Have you ever looked across the room only to see one of your children biting the other? I’m not talking a quick snap, but a full-on, jaw-locked, whole-head-trembling-from-the-force-of-the-bite bite? The kind where the bitee isn’t even screaming yet, but is instead paralyzed from shock and pain? I have. In fact, I have witnessed it often....more

Prom: It's More Than Just a Dance

It’s prom season around our house. My seventeen-year-old son is a prom pro. He’s been to so many in the past few years, I don’t even need to give him the Prom Speech.  He knows the drill and I trust him. This year, however, his fifteen-year-old sister was invited to the prom. Funny how different my reaction was; I said, “No!”...more
Sometimes I think parents are entirely too quick to put their own issues on children. My prom ...more

Girl-illas in the Midst: Teaching Our Daughters how to Maneuver through the Friend Zone

For the last 12 1/2 years I have been living in the field studying my subjects. Hours have been painstakingly spent learning their eating habits, social dynamics, ability to adapt, and communication skills. I’ve collected valuable information about their predators and who are their  prey. Living among them has been difficult. At times I think my presence goes unnoticed, blending in to the environment and yet at other times, it is clear that they are visibly agitated that I exist. And yet, even with all this data, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of understanding this unpredictable creature called Girl....more

Thanks for this piece. I'm dealing with this stuff with my 4th grade daughter and everyday ...more