Walking Home By Yourself

Many times in kindergarten and first grade, I walked home by myself.  I barely remember that I did so, except for remembering a few, early flashes of streets near my house and walking one foot in front of the other....more

Parenting Like Your Parents?

Question: I had a lot of difficulties with my parents when I was growing up and never wanted to be that kind of parent. So why do I now find myself parenting like they did?photocreditMOM: The reason is because that’s all you really know....more

An Argument with my Former Self

Before having kids, I had a lot of ideas about how I would parent.  I pictured rocking my cuddly babies to sleep every night, humming lullabies for hours without tiring of it, and being constantly delighted by their playful messes.  Somehow, my pre-kid self didn't have the foresight to see that while I absolutely adore and cherish my children, I do sometimes feel a twinge of annoyance or irritation with them....more

In the Face of Change, I Still Sent Her to School

She was so incredibly excited to start preschool that morning. With a brother four years older, she already understood what school entailed. 9/11. And even though we Californians woke that morning to the crazy news that our nation was under attack, I felt the need to go on with this big day for my daughter. To move forward not as if nothing had happened, but as if what happened could never change our lives....more
@jw27 Thanks, my sweet friend! Nice seeing you here today as well!more

Santa Baby: The Great (Santa) Debate

Dear Delilah,As Christmas draws near, I'm reminded of the one parenting topic that your father and I don't quite see eye-to-eye on. Santa Claus. I know I run the risk of being labeled a scrooge here, but I'm not totally sold on 'doing the Santa thing' with you....more


Sigh.It's cold and flu season. My house is full of snot. We killed half of a case of facial tissue over the last three weeks, and will likely do it again before the month is over.So, now I'm sitting here with my bulk bag full of chocolate rosettes (thank you, Credo Bags) and trying to decide whether we're all going to get flu vaccines this year.Boooo....more