Prayers for a better life

With all the suffering in Ferguson and the recent reports of gang rapes at UVA, I just wanted to send out a prayer to the universe—a prayer for peace and healing, a prayer for change, a prayer for love and kindness over despair and violence....more

Mom Fear: Can I Raise Girls? I was never much of one myself!

As you know, we just welcomed our third child, Baby L., a little girl, into our family on November 1st, 2013.  She is the second girl to grace our family and a month shy of two years younger than her sister, Little A. (the middle child)....more

Robin Thicke Wins Sexist of the Year Award

Robin Thicke was given the award by the End Violence Against Women Coalition, who gifted him with a downloadable copy of Aretha Franklin's Respect. This isn't a surprise to me; the song and video are so unambiguously sexist that even my 11-year-old daughter could see it, although she didn't articulate it in feminist terms....more
OpalZushaquon Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope she will work things out as she gets ...more

Beauty: Don't Buy It.

Beauty. I'm not sure what's got me thinking more about this issue right now. Maybe it's the recent Dove beauty sketches video. Maybe it's that my girls are getting into "big girl" clothes now (and that so many clothes for toddler girls look like they belong in the junior section of the department store). Maybe it was the way Lucy pointed at the Disney princess pictures on her fork today (a hand-me-down from a friend) and reverently said, "Pretty." Whatever it is, it's gotten to me. ...more

Growing Up Sisters

They are standing on the back deck, rain pouring down, tears on their young faces.I'm standing in the kitchen watching, breaking a little.They make no effort to shield themselves from the rain, no effort to hide their emotions.A few minutes earlier the younger sister ran outside to escape an argument. She's upset that her older sister won't play with her, upset that she never plays with her anymore....more

Two Girls? Happy Parents! Four Girls? DOOM!

According to a new study, researchers say that our family is kind of happy. Not as happy as a family with two girls or a family with a boy and a girl, but much more happy than my friend who has four girls. It has nothing to do about situational issues, personality types or how much coffee I’ve had in the morning. It has everything to do with the number of children I have and their gender. The study says that families with two girls are happier. Families with four girls? Not so happy. ...more
I had two girls for 7 years, then added two more in the last three years. I agree with the "duh" ...more

Body Image: Looking in the Mirror

I am the daughter of a woman who was on a diet my entire childhood. She was fat. Well; in truth I don't remember her ever actually being fat, but she was convinced she was fat, and didn't hesitate to say so. She also never hesitated to point out how skinny I was, and how lucky I was to be naturally thin. I didn't think much of it, as it required no special action on my part. It just was. And worrying about it---as my mother did---seemed somehow vain and frivolous, to me. ...more

Pretty much from the part where you described the excitement your daughter expressed about ...more

Math Retarded

"I am math retarded," I heard myself say in the car with my three-year-old daughter and my husband. We were quarrelling about my refusal to participate in our family finances. When kids are born they don't really understand so you can get away with shouting the F word or hissing a satisfying little damn it. It's not till they start talking that you clean up the toilet talk. ...more