Top 10 Lessons from a Decade of Parenting

This summer, our oldest daughter, Ava, turned ten. That means I’ve officially been a parent for ten years. With a decade of parenting lessons under my belt, I now qualify as a parenting expert. At least in my own mind. ...more
@Kathy K And that's when I'll be calling you! Do you have an emergency teen hotline? ;-)more

As a Parent Sometimes I Practice Subliminal Feminism

In my house there is me (a woman), my husband (a man), and three sons (one practically a man, the other two on their way to being men). As the lone female it has fallen on me to make sure these men and men-to-be have some idea about women before I let them loose on the world.(Those who know me can stop laughing now. I DO TOO know how to be a girl.)...more
@theluckymom Yes, I love that, Lisha, I don't like to say our kids reflect us but they do carry ...more

What Parenting and Yoga Has Taught Me about Courage

Lilly turned four last Friday: goggles was on the top of her wishlist. She tried them on in the bathtub last weekend as the rain poured down outside, and then when we went to the pool on Monday, she excitedly started jumping up and down, prepping to duck her head down beneath water. And then she did it! Just like that. She enthusiastically kept jumping and ducking up and down, over and over again....more

3 Parenting Lessons From Celebrity Rehab 5

The way I see it, I'm Dr. Drew Pinksy and my kids are all those crazy druggie celebrities. Someone call CPS. Pump the brakes! Back 'er up! Let me qualify that statement....more