Urine Trouble

I don’t want to brag, but after four years at the position, I am now a very good Mom. This has nothing to do with effort, tactics, instincts or passion for the job. This haseverything to do with me being open to asking for help when I get stuck, having the luxury to take breaks when I need them, and having a child who 99% of the time will do what I ask....more

The Things My Mother Didn't Do

My mom also didn’t buy us every toy on the market or put herself into extreme debt to keep up with the Joneses or make sure we had everything we ever wanted. Even though we didn’t understand why she couldn’t just “write a check” for candy and toys in the line at the grocery store, if she didn’t have the money and we didn’t absolutely need it, she didn’t get it. ...more
The best thing you Can, Could and Should is LISTEN,,,,Ad-Nauseum . 3 kids in 3 years makes for ...more

5 Ways I Was Jacking Up My Sons' Teeth

February is National Children's Dental Health Month. Ironically, this is also the month my 5-year-old was treated for his first cavity! More than a quarter of kids ages 2 to 5, and half of those 12 to 15 years old, have tooth decay, according to the U.S....more

Parenting Like Your Parents?

Question: I had a lot of difficulties with my parents when I was growing up and never wanted to be that kind of parent. So why do I now find myself parenting like they did?photocreditMOM: The reason is because that’s all you really know....more

Parenting Mistakes: We are only human!

After having an argument with my teenage son this morning, I was kind of feeling like a parenting failure. I lost my cool. Raised my voice. He stomped out the door. Pretty typical parenting story, especially with a teenager in the house! The difference is: I am a parenting educator. I am supposed to know better. And I do! And so I felt like a failure. How can I teach parenting skills including not responding with anger if I can't even do it myself?...more

A Letter to the Father of Hannah Who Posted “To My Parents” on Facebook

Dear father of Hannah: I watched the video you posted for others to see and thought about you, your wife and Hannah today. I talked to some friends about your struggle and I read a couple of newspaper articles covering the “news” of your video getting widespread attention. I would imagine that things are really weird around your house right now. You’re probably getting quite a few media calls, Hannah is probably getting quite a few media calls too, and I would imagine that your life changed more than you could have imagined since last night. That’s a big consequence for the decision to make and post your video response to Hannah. I hope you all are okay through the hullabaloo, because after it dies down you all will have some healing to do....more
So this young girl believes that if someone angers you, it's OK to publicly humiliate the person ...more

Bad Mom, Bad Mom!

Yesterday I was a bad mom. I got angry and frustrated when my 3 year old decided he would rather sit and pout than fly his new kite. He had been bugging me to take him to fly his new kite, his first kite, for days. The weather was perfect and very windy which meant it would be easy to get the kite into the air and keep it there, making it more fun for both of us. All was well, till I pulled the kite out of the package and it wasn’t the color he had hoped it would be....more