Smart Things to Consider when Choosing a Preschool

They never said it’d be easy, right?Choosing a preschool can seem daunting, especially as you consider all the factors in making a good decision. You’ve found some good options but don’t know how to narrow them down. You want all your bases covered and to feel confident with the school your child will eventually attend. But which factors should you consider when making a choice?...more

The 4 Year-Old Curriculum

The 4 year old starts Pre-K this year. In our public school district, Pre-K is free and lasts half the day, much like Kindergarten in days gone by. This is because Pre-K is the new Kindergarten. Kindergarten is the new First Grade. First is the new Second, and after that you'd better be ready to take the SAT's, kid, cause it's about that time.  Hopefully somewhere in there you find time to learn to tie your shoes....more

Preschool Interrupted

 Photo by Anissa Thompson ...more

What's the worst that could happen? Pre-school...

Banning words is so stupid, but if I never had to hear the word "pre-school" again, it would be too soon.This subject has been hanging over my head since Anna was two. In 2012, after some encouragement, and excitement about having a little free time for myself, I enrolled her in a nearby Catholic school in Texas. Looking around I realized that it was the norm, apparently. Once your kid turns two, they're sent to "school"...even if mom doesn't work. ...more