Sending Your Child Off This Summer for a High School Exchange Year? Six Tips For Parents

1. Learn About Your Son or Daughter’s DestinationRead a book or two about the country where your son or daughter will be living. Research the region – the eastern part of the country may differ significantly from the west, or the north may not be anything like the south. Try to find out something about differences between rural and urban areas.  ...more

Just About the Dress

If, as a parent, you never overcompensated for screwed-up things from your childhood, you should stop reading now. No, I mean it. You’ll think less of me, and you’ll feel sad for my kids. If, on the other hand, you give your kids soda and Dunkin Donuts for breakfast because they were off-limits for you, then feel free to enjoy my guilt-free confession:I didn’t let my daughters watch Disney movies. None. No Cinderella. No Sleeping Beauty. No Snow White nor Mermaid nor Belle....more

Parenting Follow Up: Campus Rape

Are we part of the problem? Could we be doing more??? Responses to our coverage of Campus Rape mirrored the national discussion and included reflections on institutional complicity, fraternity closures, and underage drinking. But as the weeks wore on, we noticed significant parent pain - sadness and resignation that we’re sending our kids into a world where sexual violence is reported as the norm, but also significant questions about whether we could have (or still can) do more to change the social framework. A friend from near Philadelphia wrote:...more

Teens' concussions increase risk of suicide attempts

Nobody likes to talk about suicide, especially when it comes to youth. But a new study has found some important statistics about teenagers who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion. According to researchers at St. Michael's Hospital, these teens are at "significantly greater odds" of:1. attempting suicide2. being bullied3. engaging in high-risk behaviors4. becoming a bully5. having sough counseling through a crisis helpline6. having been prescribed meds for depression, anxiety or both7. damaging property...more

Parents, Take Control & Get Respect

(I've been given permission to tell this story by my client and her daughter to help others who may be in the same boat.)...more

Easier to Love?

I adore being a mother. It’s the job I always wanted and one that I feel I’m really good at.Am I the perfect mother? Of course not. I don’t even come close.But I’ve always felt that motherhood fit my personality and talents well.That is, I used to feel that way.This September our eldest child, Tom, started high school and then a few months later turned 15....more

"Life Sucks!" says your teenage daughter. What do you do?

  This isn't just about daughters, this is how you talk to any child, any age about problems relating to low self-esteem, depression, low self-worth, etc....more

Mobile Phone Safety and Your Teen

 Two of my girls have mobile phones and with that comes another whole set of problems and exposes them to a multitude of varying risk factors....more

Wow! What a difference two years can make!!! So excited to share again.

Oh my goodness!!!I've had this nagging feeling for a few weeks. I miss my blog. First, I would like to convey how much I enjoy writing entries and second, it is an added bonus that someone else out there may be interested in how I do things. I love to have and share my (not-so-much) wisdom....more

Mixed post: best Mexican beans &rice recipe ever, TV, books&documentary reviews (&no mention of Miley or the VMA's, I swear;)

     I made excellent Mexican rice AND excellent homemade refried beans yesterday. I've been looking for a good recipe for both for about twenty years (not. kidding.) and I think I've lucked into a couple of Holy Grail's, recipewise. Both are cheap (important!) and easy (also! important!) and neither require any esoteric chef type techniques or ingredients.*the rice recipe: