Being the Cool Parent

On a recent afternoon, my daughter DQ and I were on our way back from dropping my son, Taz, off at his friend’s house. I had assumed that DQ was going to spend the rest of the day bored since one of her best friends was grounded that day, so I racked my brain for something we could do together.“What do you want to do?” I asked her, and was surprised when she said she already had plans....more

As You Grow, So Do My Wishes for You

Today is my oldest daughter's 12th birthday. Every day I pray for my children. For her birthday, I wanted to reprint the wishes I posted last year... with a few additions....more
 @victorias_view  Thanks. I am praying these wishes and many more come true. ;-)more

I'm in Motherlode!

Hi! I'm over at Motherlode in the NYTimes online today.

Teenagers? I just want to survive two, twelve year-olds.

I hear the teenage years are much easier with boys.  I just want to survive two, twelve year-olds.  ...more
@tennismama I am hoping it's a good sign and they aren't just messing with me.  I cannot even ...more

Story Slam; The Unspeakable Revisited


Parenting: So You Want to Know About Flavored Condoms?

As we walked past classroom doors where dedicated teachers still labored over tomorrow's lesson plan and yesterday's papers, my son asked me, his voice loud and clear as a bell: "Is it true that there are FLAVORED condoms?" One thing a future parent does not particularly imagine for oneself when fantasizing about their future lifetime with their growing child is their role as a sex educator. If we did imagine this, it would really put a damper on the baby-making, I think. ...more
 @CGoforth So true. Less education just doesn't mean less teen sex. Ever. And yet we are still ...more

The Vassar 76: On Rejection and Other Life Lessons

That kind of switch and bait probably didn’t occur to most of the 76 students who were recently accepted and then summarily rejected by Vassar College. A computer glitch, just the kind my own son worried about, sent 122 early decision candidates letters of acceptance. For 46 of them, the news was accurate; they had been accepted. For the remaining students, the computer system, in fact the entire system, had failed....more
Yup, Dawn, can't argue with you. I'm hoping to be able to send my daughters to college ...more

So Over the Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I'm so over and past the stage of potty training, tantrums, nightmares, snakes and snail and puppy dog tails. As I peruse blogs, articles, and magazines on parenting all I can find information for the parenting of the wee ones. If I do happen upon information regarding parenting teens and grown children ( I am of the camp you never stop parenting) it is generally information on the wayward child and offers of military school.  ...more

Summer Internships and the Price of Privilege

When Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,” I am pretty sure he didn’t mean forking over thousands of dollars so your kid could participate in a fancy (unpaid) internship. But that is exactly what parents of privilege are doing this summer.“What?” you ask. “Parents are paying to have their children work at a company?” Oh, yes they are and it’s not just because the Great Recession continues unabated....more
Hi and i, Thanks for your observations. As someone who spent many hours in boring retail and ...more

Responsible Parent or Busybody

    I have three very different kids.   They approach so many things in life differently that sometimes it amazes me.  Em follows rules and doesn't understand why others don't.  Patrick is looking for every loop hole.  To be honest the jury is still out on Meg but who knows.  Though a friend has suggested we start a bail found for her now, it's always the quiet ones she says.      With that being said it wasn't surprising that Em was very upset about what she found posted on a friend's facebook page.  Sh...more

Thanks for your reply

My daughter is going to talk with her friend and see how it goes. Then ...more