So Over the Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

I'm so over and past the stage of potty training, tantrums, nightmares, snakes and snail and puppy dog tails. As I peruse blogs, articles, and magazines on parenting all I can find information for the parenting of the wee ones. If I do happen upon information regarding parenting teens and grown children ( I am of the camp you never stop parenting) it is generally information on the wayward child and offers of military school.  ...more

Summer Internships and the Price of Privilege

When Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,” I am pretty sure he didn’t mean forking over thousands of dollars so your kid could participate in a fancy (unpaid) internship. But that is exactly what parents of privilege are doing this summer.“What?” you ask. “Parents are paying to have their children work at a company?” Oh, yes they are and it’s not just because the Great Recession continues unabated....more
Hi and i, Thanks for your observations. As someone who spent many hours in boring retail and ...more

Responsible Parent or Busybody

    I have three very different kids.   They approach so many things in life differently that sometimes it amazes me.  Em follows rules and doesn't understand why others don't.  Patrick is looking for every loop hole.  To be honest the jury is still out on Meg but who knows.  Though a friend has suggested we start a bail found for her now, it's always the quiet ones she says.      With that being said it wasn't surprising that Em was very upset about what she found posted on a friend's facebook page.  Sh...more

Thanks for your reply

My daughter is going to talk with her friend and see how it goes. Then ...more

It's Exam Time and That Means It's Cheating Season Again

Many moons ago, as I preparing for finals in college, I met a friend for a last minute cram session. I was pretty well prepared, but he said he needed help. He brought copies of what he explained were “last year’s test.” Using old exams was not uncommon practice in my classes. Professors even occasionally left hard copies in the library for review (there was no on-line then)....more

The high school I worked for used Turn It In for students before they turned in their papers. I ...more

To My Son On Our College Road Trip: Thank You!

We, like thousands of other hopefuls, spent spring break on a college tour. We left sunny Californian to travel up and down the east coast. We started in Boston where the temperature was a lofty 38 degrees. Drove to New Hampshire where the temperature dropped to 30 degrees (this does not include wind chill) and then headed down through Connecticut, New York, and finally Pennsylvania where the blinding rain convinced him UPenn was not an option. ...more

Thanks for the kind words. If it gets tough, you're welcome to contact me. Would enjoy ...more

Follow up to the "Eye Roll"

Just when I thought that all hope was lost…. I receive an envelope from my daughter.  This piece of surprise mail comes two weeks after I had spent the weekend driving four hours to help her with her horse and got the famous teenage “eye roll” for my efforts. I had fixed the problem she had with her horse, came up to spend the weekend having mother/ daughter time and was heartbroken when I seemed to be more annoying then helpful.  Since my daughter decided to try living with her dad in December I have had a very hard time trying to wedge myself into her busy new life....more

Dear Teen, Just Say No to Sex

Remember when you were a teen with raging hormones? Maybe kissing in the backseat of the boyfriends car or hiding out somewhere and making out? I remember. It was a wonderful if not slightly confusing time. I didn’t have my mother to talk to, mostly because I really didn’t like my mother until I was pregnant with my own child at the young age of 18....more

I'm so not ready for that stage. I still have a few years to go. I hope!

However, I think by ...more

How Do I Survive My Long Distance Marriage? One Day At A Time

Last summer, when my husband of twenty-three years told me he had found the perfect job, I was thrilled. When he told me it was in a town two hours away, not so much. Neither our children nor I had any great desire to move. But, this was his dream job: clean tech start-up with a great management team and the good chance for financial upside. After the Great Recession cleared out our portfolio (such that it was) and with three looming college tuitions, a dream job sounded good. So, my husband took the position and moved. We didn’t.   ...more

After pursuing a dating relationship with my now husband that lasted almost 8 years with seeing ...more

The Fall From Perfection and Other Lessons in Raising Teenagers

I’m off the pedestal. Way off. I used to be revered. Constant hugs. Daily avowals of my wonderfulness. Long ago I even used to complain about the number of times my children would say “Mommy” during any given hour. (I once counted over 100 “mommys” before I stopped counting.) Now, I am the butt of jokes. The central character in the “remember when she...” stories, the ones usually filled with ridicule and generalized scorn. It’s gotten so bad that my children have even started calling me by my first name. ...more

I read your blog with amusement and pleasure. I'm not sure what affirmation you need from anyone ...more