Your Toddler Doesn't Care If You're on Your Period

  Of all the character traits that don’t serve me well as a parent, my reluctance to take myself less seriously is probably the worst....more
IAMTHEMILK Blog Awwww, thank you! I am so bad about telling C to "respect" me too, and this is ...more

Parenthood: It Doesn't Get Easier

There is this interesting phenomena that occurs about six months into your stint as a parent....more
I love this! Nothing is ever easy, and when it comes to parenting everyone wants to claim the "I ...more

Separation Anxiety: I'm Being Played...

So my 17 month-old son, yes the one that motorboated the waitress last weekend (click here if you didn’t hear about that one…), is experiencing some massive separation anxiety when I’m not around.  He’s fine with family members but I’ve recently realized that he transforms into a screaming maniac when left with non-family folks.  Today, however, was a game-changer....more

The Benefits & Challenges of Unplugging

There is a new rule at our house. I am the only one affected by this rule, which is okay as I am also the author and enforcer of it. It's simple. If I am with Troy, my phone is turned off. Doesn't sound like a big deal right? Makes perfect sense and shouldn't be difficult... but it's astonishing how often I reach for my phone throughout the day. It's become my hard drive and my mental crutch. (Who was the actor in that movie? Google. Where is this restaurant? Google. What did Obama actually say about bayonets? Google.)...more
@cb_wood It sure is! -Momomore

The Gift of "Naka-Taka-Miewing"

One summer day in 1994 my two and one-half year old daughter went streaking. Hyped up on that exhilarated toddler "clean and wanting to be free" feeling, she wriggled out of my arms as I was toweling her off after a mid afternoon bath.I was on my knees when this happened and by the time I'd made it to my feet in an effort to chase her down, I heard the front screen door open....more

Toddler Leashes ... yes or no?

Toddler Leashes … yes or no? Are toddler leashes a good idea or a bad idea?  I love them, I put them right up there with child safety seats in vehicles....more
I bought a toddler leash for my son when he decided to explore the appliance store while I was ...more

How to Handle Tantrums

Like with just about anything, there are good ways to deal with tantrums, and bad ways to deal with tantrums. I have some effective ways of not only dealing with tantrums in the moment, but lessening their frequency and intensity, if not stopping them altogether.There's a bit of short term pain for long term gain with this one so be prepared. It's well worth it as if you follow my advice you could have a tantrum-free family. That means less chaos, less stress, and more manners....more

Potty Training in 2 Days

My “Potty Party Manual, How to Potty Train in 2 days” is now available.  This is my first book which is just an extension of the potty training advice in my Toddler DVD.  ...more

"That" mom.

Last week I cheerfully reminded all the parents to remember to bring swimsuits for my church's big "water fun and baptism day" and each time I surmised that I would likely forget myself. Like I do every year. This year I packed the bag, sent the husband to the store to get the swim diapers, and then left the bag on the couch. Our church had rented two water slides and everyone was having a blast. So I took off the baby's pants and he ran around in a soggy diaper and a t-shirt. My little girl ran around in a her t-shirt and leggings that were plastered to her. I sighed....more

Empathy for Toddlers: A Work in Progress

There is a fundamental difference between having an only child, and having the second. I would expect that any number you add to the singleton would mark a significant change in the family dynamics, but I wouldn't know...I won't be adding any more to the equation.   The time when adults outnumbered children in our family unit was not so long ago, and even through my sleep deprived haze, I feel like I can remember it well....more