Life With The Tween: She Has All Of The Answers

I’m not sure if you have children, but I have a tween daughter who has an answer for everything. If I ask her a question, she has the answer. If I try to give her advice about the drama among the girls at school, she has an answer, and doesn’t want to hear anything I have to say....more

Hungry Kids and the Un-Complicated Week Night Dinner

Its Monday evening and I survived the work day…Yay!! And then I made it home to a starving teenager that had just arrived home from track practice to ask me ‘Mom, What’s for Dinner?” and you know what my reply was? “Dinner? Didn’t I just feed you yesterday?” ...more

Why I Stopped Trying to Make my Daughter be Pretty

My 10-year-old daughter Clare only likes to wear clothes from the boy's section. Preferably a boxy, shapeless t-shirt with pictures of Spiderman or any other superhero on them.She always wears two braids. Always. Even to bed. Her hair is thick, blonde and gorgeous. Clare has beautiful, wide-set blue eyes, high cheek bones and long, slender limbs that remind me of a baby colt. I think she's beautiful. She doesn't care. She's not interested in being beautiful....more
Shannon, great observation and insight!  I have a daughter in a singing group that is trying to ...more

Looks Like It, Smells Like It, Must Be Parent Orientation

In the fall, my younger daughter will be attending the local middle school--the same school my older daughter has attended for the past two years.  Last night, even though I know a bit about what goes on during the 7th and 8th grade years, I attended the parent information meeting for incoming middle school students.   Having insight due to experience is not always great....more

Christmas Thinking!

Did you notice on Halloween that all the Christmas commercials started? Crazy Huh? But, people do start shopping early and they seem to decorate early too.  Therefore, retailers fight for those dollars.  Anyway, I  read a blog, Walk a Mile, and she had a great idea about Made in America!...more


Just last week I had one of those all-out gut wrenching events with my girl. The kind of disagreement that felt, in a sense, like the first time I got my heart broken from a boy, only one thousand times worse! I didn’t realize until becoming a mother, just how fragile my emotions could be when it came to someone else....more