Epic Mom Fail of the Year... Already

I mentioned on Facebook the other day that last year was a lot of talk and not as much action as I'd like. Since I am nothing if not a woman of her word, I decided to get on that saddle and get shit started right away this year.So, instead of prolonging things and waiting it out, I decided it was best to get my Epic Mom Fail of the Year out of the way before we even got five days of 2015 under our belts. Go big or go home, right guys? Because #YOLO!Somehow, through a combination of a giant misunderstanding and gross negligence on my part (this is one of those times when my husband breaks out his favorite nickname for me: NegliJenny. Yeah. Hilarious.), I managed to order tickets for Disney Princesses and Heroes on Ice while thinking I purchased Frozen on Ice tickets. I know this doesn't sound epic. It might even sound borderline silly. But you are not the parent of my kids and you did not witness their crushing disappointment.Let's back up....more

Why You Should Never Use Nicknames For Genitals

Back when my husband and I were friends, he introduced me to a comedy show called League of Gentleman. It was a show full of dark humour that included a character called Tubbs who used to call women “No-Tails” and while it was just one of a smörgåsbord of catchphrases, this one stuck with us long after the show ended.  When we had my son, it wasn't so much a conscious life decision as an amusing in-joke to refer to him as a “Tail”....more