Do These Photos Make You Want to Go Here?

The topic of this post was supposed to be "What place do you want to visit based solely on beautiful photographs that you've seen?" I decided to turn it around and show you my photos of where I have been and see if they will entice you to go there as well. As a bonus, one of my photos includes a sun flare for the photo topic. Double score! These are from my last trip; my third, my husband's first....more

Maybe I should have learned French

The post below is meant to be taken as satire. Sadly, a 'satire' font has not been created. Neither has a sarcasm font. Someone needs to get on that......more

Day Trips from Paris, France

Today on my blog, I'm sharing some day trips you can take easily from Paris, France.Check it out here!...more

On Being a Stranger

Having settled into The Toolshed in Paris, I started teaching and taking classes at the local Lycée. Every Friday I would take the thirty minute uphill ride on what quickly came to be known as the Death Bike: a heavy cream coloured Dutch bike inherited from a parent of my employer. “She used to ride it on the cobbles of Amsterdam” “She took it on holiday to Bruges” “It walked her down the aisle at her wedding” , etc. It was possessed of neither gears nor working brakes and its back wheel shook like a dog on bonfire night....more

3 Places To Eat In Paris Off The Tourist Track

A few weeks back, I shared some photos from our recent weekend in Paris. Though we were only there for a long weekend, we packed in a lot (LOT). We saw all of the main touristy bits that everyone knows, and also explored and ate at some lesser known places that I now firmly call favorites.If you're heading over to gay Paris anytime soon, be sure to check out a few of these:...more

Weekend Getaway: 3 Days In Paris

Oh, Paris. It's such a cliche but I just really, really love this town. To celebrate the Liberation of Paris (D is a big WWII fan) and the August Bank Holiday weekend (aka 3-day weekend) we made the trip to Paris for what turned out to be a perfect weekend. ...more

Good Reads: 29 August 2014

Oh, it's been hard to be back from Paris this week.Sure, we were only there for a weekend but what a weekend it was. We walked the city from morning to night (my toenail polish literally chipped completely off twice) and enjoyed absolutely perfect weather paired with lots and lots of vanilla waffles. There are so many photos to come (D took 2500 in our 2.5-day trip), but until then I'll leave you with one of my favorite shots and a look at some lovely things on the internet....more

Remembering Madeline

I most recently visited the delightful Madeline exhibit at the New York Historical Society and thought I'd share a few of Ludwig Bemelmans's illustrations (author and illustrator of all the Madeline books). A few fun facts about Bemelmans….he immigrated to the US from Austria in the early 20th century and it was here that he was inspired to the write the story about a little orphan girl in Paris....more

Happy Bastille Day: How to Serve (and Eat) a Cheese Course

Are you planning to visit France? Eat in a French restaurant? Meet your future French in-laws? There is a certain cheese etiquette that must be followed. ...more
I was in France recently and loved the cheese, as well as the wine, bread, anything really. I do ...more

Visiting the Louvre 101

When you think about "secrets" at the Louvre, you probably imagine some dark and mysterious tales, straight from the Da Vinci Code.  But the secrets I'm about to share are lot more family friendly - and admittedly less dramatic - than anything Dan Brown created!...more