Happy Bastille Day: How to Serve (and Eat) a Cheese Course

Are you planning to visit France? Eat in a French restaurant? Meet your future French in-laws? There is a certain cheese etiquette that must be followed. ...more
I was in France recently and loved the cheese, as well as the wine, bread, anything really. I do ...more

Visiting the Louvre 101

When you think about "secrets" at the Louvre, you probably imagine some dark and mysterious tales, straight from the Da Vinci Code.  But the secrets I'm about to share are lot more family friendly - and admittedly less dramatic - than anything Dan Brown created!...more

Why do I write?

Because you asked, "Pourquoi?" " I write to raise the curtain on life's endless possibilities."Peggy Kopman-Owens is the author of ten Paris-based mysteries published by Aventura eBooks, London, UK. ...more

Oui, It's me... in 2023

After arriving in Paris earlier in the week I will have all day on the 13th to sit in a window or at a cafe drawing nonsense in a small notebook or writing postcards, while I contemplate what I will wear on the 14th for our special Valentines Day dinner. We have reservations to dine at a very small bistro near our Hotel, the Shangri-la. It is hard to leave our hotel room. It is so beautiful. But the city needs to be walked through. Quaint photographs must be taken....more

How to Visit Paris The Vegan and Gluten Free Way

For many, Paris is the ultimate destination. One of the world's most beautiful cities filled with art, culture, wine and incredible food. Although for special diets such as vegan, gluten free and dairy free, it seems that it might not be the most accommodating place to visit. But I'm glad to report that it is quickly becoming a hotspot for delicious dining, no matter your dietary restrictions!First of all, let’s get the touristy tips out of the way:...more

A Fit Belle in Paris: Facial Love at Le Meurice

It was the pièce de résistance of my year of spa visits. I experienced a facial at the hotel of kings and queens across from the Tuileries in Paris — Le Meurice....more

My Reverse Bucket List

Ah, yet another idea borrowed from a fellow blogger!  I saw this post the other day about a Reverse Bucket List.  The author was listing cool things they had done that they hardly remember.  I thought this was a great idea for a post.  Now, I do remember most of these events, but the "reverse bucket list" is a great way to remember your life and things that really made a big impression on you.  It fits in well with the Thanksgiving holiday that is coming up as well.  These are some cool things I have done for which I am grateful....more

Paris Fashion

I just returned from an amazing trip to Paris. From the baguettes to the clothing, Paris is where it is at. There are so many mixed reviews out there, when it comes to the French. I am sure most people have heard that French people are rude which is just a stigma they carry. I found the people to be delightful, well except for one waiter when I deliriously spilled something the morning I arrived. In my defense it felt like 2 am to me, after traveling all day and it was 8 am to them....more

A Summer Abroad

Merci!  For a wonderful summer abroad.  Thank you for your emails, comments, and especially, for your reviews.   (You know who you are and how much you enjoy writing book reports.)  I hope my Paris-based mysteries added to your summer memories and inspired travels.  A special thank you to  those of you, who have written to ask about my work currently in progress...  I can only show you a snippet.  Yes.  This material is copyrighted. ...more

What I Learned in Paris #1: Birdy Kids

While in Paris a few weeks ago, I received a post from the blog Telling HerStories: The Broad View by Sheila Bender titled "A Strategy for Travel Writing".  In her post, Bender wrote about a technique her daughter used while describing her experiences during a...more