Why paying 25$ Canadian for a Kir Royale Isn't a Mistake

  Photo Cred: http://www.everythingsbettersprouted.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Cham......more

Two Lessons I Learned From My Paris Trip

Could Paris live up to my high expectations?Now that I've been back home from my second trip to Paris for nearly a month I can sit back and think about the lessons I learned from my Paris trip. There were a few things I was concerned about before I left for Paris.  Mainly, will it live up to the expectations that I had?  I built Paris up in my mind so much that I was worried that it would not be the magical place I remembered from the first time around....more

Advertising & Experiencing Chanel No.5 L'Eau as Direct Perfume ≈ Field Notes {Perfume Images & Ads} {Paris Street Photography} R

Lily-Rose Depp is the New Face of a Younger No.5, L'Eau Advertising & Experiencing Chanel No.5 L'Eau As Direct Perfume ≈ Field NotesThe Glam Streets Of Paris Project  ...more

Walking in Paris...


Summer in Paris with Pokémon Go {Paris Street Photos}

 Pokémon Go I - Games and Reality Pokémon Go Players In ParisThe new body language that's appeared on the streets of Paris with the arrival of Pokémon Go in France is the typical broad daylight zombie walk, or at least you could choose to see it that way....more

Stench I, II, III ≈ La puanteur I, II, III lors de la grève des éboueurs à Paris en juin {Paris Street Photos} {Scented Images}

Currently, Paris is reeking. Well, that's something of an exaggeration. There are smelly hot spots since the City garbage collectors have gone on strike on June 8th. It does smell quite putrid, all the more since the sun is out helping bacteria thrive in some particularly unlucky corners of the capital city, like in this one by a restaurant......more

Jaywalking Lily of the Valley ≈ Le Muguet traverse au rouge {Paris Street Photo}

Jaywalking Lily of the Valley ≈ Le Muguet traverse au rouge © 2016 CHANT WAGNER Can you smell the notes of muguet from here? The sea breeze coming from the mariner's vest? The asphalt on a Sunday morning?...Read more at TSS By Chant Wagner, The Perfume Culture Expert...more

Relating one thing to another - Paris

Back in May we went on a trip to Paris and London. There are so many things that DC can relate to in London without me having to come up with them for him, that I wasn’t worried. Before London though, there would be a 4 day stop in Paris....more

I Heart Paris

#JeSuisEnTerrasse One of Paris iconic outdoor cafe - Le Dome in Montparnasse 1950s Photo by Ervin MartinI was a Francophile ...more