5 Celebrities Who Don’t Have Time to Date

Putting their careers before their love lives, these 5 celebrities say they simply don’t have time to date at the moment and are completely focused on the projects they’re working onRead more at http://girlstalkinsmack.com/5-celebrities-who-dont-have-time-to-date/...more

Fun Friendly Phobic Fact Friday!

Purses are filthy. Think of how often you dig inside with dirty hands, hands that have been touching everything from ATMs to restaurant menus to doctor's office pens to money to bathroom stall door locks, etc. They carry your money, your wallet, your cell phone (shudder). They are almost never cleaned, and when they are, it can be hard to know how to truly disinfect properly. I like to empty mine and just give it a good old-fashioned lung-burning spray of straight Lysol. Lysol is pretty good for cleaning cloth surfaces....more

Suicide Corp of Seniors: True Stars

With all of this over-the-top attention-seeking behavior being channeled into our homes 24/7,  we found it truly uplifting and refreshing to read about the group of Japanese senior citizens who have come together to form the ...more

Stop Celebrity Victim Mentality. These people bring it on themselves.

This a quick summary of a more detailed post from my blog today on celebrities who complain about attention. Our culture is too concerned with what celebrities think and feel these days, and not concerned enough about 1 in 10 people being without a job. When will we learn to prioritize? Hold Katy Perry accountable. If she doesn't want to have her breasts showing up all over the web, she needs to cover them up....more

Paris Hilton Sucks

~The beautiful people" are beginning to make me ill. When Katie Holmes's haircut makes national news and Paris Hilton's jail time is more significant than Darfur, it makes me angry as hell. Are these people [media] really serious? As a nation, are we truly so indifferent and uninterested with our own lives that Katie's new hair-doo gives us enjoyment, pleasure, some sort of fulfillment? What are we trying to fill? What is lacking in our existence? Ask yourselves this question, pleeeeease.   Excuuuuuse me... but have you heard there's a little war going on in Iraq? ...more

I Do Not, Like, Want to Be Paris Hilton's BFF

Sometimes, I'm amazed at my capacity to still be shocked by the things I see. For instance, while seeking mindless entertainment on TV late one night, I settled on Paris Hilton's BFF. In this "reality" show, young women and one guy compete to become Paris's new best friend. (Because of course the best way to find a loyal friend is to pit women against each other, but whatever.) Mindless entertainment I sought, evil women bashing I got. ...more

Actually her fame is based in large part on her sex appeal to men and a sex tape she was in ...more

Never to Young for Marketing

Recently my son’s little four-year-old girl friend arrived at our house wearing a very hip and stylish Hannah Montana ensemble.  I, of course, have a boy, and have not been privy to the Hannah craze. ...more

Paris Hilton vs. WHD (White Haired Dude) video

Have you seen Paris Hilton's response to the McCain ad that features her and criticizes Obama's celebrity status? Well, Hilton has a smart and funny video that responds to the WHD (White Haired Dude). ...more

Finally, someone says something that makes sense.  Paris, you are the only one who seems to know ...more

Paris' Date With Enlightenment Was A Punk'd-Style Stunt

As we previously reported, Paris Hilton was only acting spiritual when she went out on the town in West Hollywood last Saturday night with a suspicious looking personal guru in tow. ...more