How to Get a Great Workout Using Only a Picnic Table

The picnic table. An unassuming part of every park, playground, and outside recreational area that comes in all sizes, colors, textures, and materials. We usually walk right by them and pay no mind unless we need a good place to sit. But what if a picnic table could be used for more than just a picnic? What if we could use one for a workout? While you may not want to eat lunch outside as the temperature cools, parks are still the perfect place to get fit... for free! ...more

The Thing I Hate Most About Going To The Park

Aside from the occasional adult who’ll walk away with my kids’ toys, there is one reason why I some times hate going to the park. I hate having to watch Eva try to make friends with the older kids. Eva loves to be included in play. She especially loves to play with older children. Sometimes we get lucky and meet an older child that’s willing to hang out with a two-year-old, but most times not so much. ...more
Totally agree. She's two, don't worry about it.more

Misadventures at the Park

I should call me blog “misadventure at the park” I mean seriously? Why is it that I can’t even go to the park with my kids and enjoy a quiet day of screaming, climbing, crying, and laughing? I take my kids to the park so that they can burn off steam. This is the place that they should be able to scream, jump,, and climb without me saying “no jumping on the couch!” So yesterday I took my son, his friend (both preschoolers) and my 18 month old to the park.  The boys had a  soccer ball with them…this is where the problem began....more
I know! It is every single time! Makes you wonder who the crazy one really is? Maybe it is me???more

railroad park

One of my all-time favorite places in Birmingham, Alabama (a.k.a....more

A Tale of Two Playgrounds

 @Barbarahughes Thank you, Barbara. Glad you enjoyed! And yes, spring is phenomenal. The only ...more

When Did It Become a Crime to Play at the Playground?

When can a kid just be a kid? Why is it that I take my kids to the park, indoor and outdoor, and I hear parents saying "no screaming," "stop jumping," and "that's messy." I take my kid to the park to play, to jump, to scream -- really to do all the things that I don't want him to do at home. I don't want him jumping on my couch -- so jump on the bridge, off the wall, whatever... just don't bring it home....more
Any mom that says a child is being too loud on the playground is a control freak! I've never ...more

Moment of the Week - 40

 My babies lose an argument to inanimate objects.

Concert in the Park Picnic

It is that time again when the Concert in the Park season begins. In our town, they are held every Sunday afternoon during the summer months. This is a time when we see all the families from this community come together to listen to some great music; everything from from Reggae to Top 40 Hits to Classical and Country. As the children play on the playground,  we spread out our blankets and open our picnic baskets to enjoy a little wine and nosh, as we sit back to enjoy the music and the company....more

Grace of Spring

The grace of Spring has almost arrived in San Francisco. For now, the sun appears to only pop out on Monday's and while that's not quite enough for me. I'll take what I can get.My adoring husband found a park for us to trek all over yesterday afternoon and it was lovely. We have lived in the bay area practically our entire lives and we had never even heard of this place!...more

Moment of the Week - 26

At the park, we have a soccer superstar at age two, and a grown up swing pusher, also only two.  Amazing!