The Devil's Playground

The Devil’s playground is not would you would assume it to be. It is not Las Vegas, or a strip club, or Nordstrom’s handbag department. It is a suburban parking lot. With two exceptions, every fender bender I have ever been in has occurred in a parking lot....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

We parked under the fridge

On Saturday we went to the Brewers game and this time we arrived right before the game started. It was a sellout, but we had advanced parking (the Preferred kind) which meant that they HAD to find a spot for us no matter what. And they did. We parked on the road that goes around the parking lot, directly under the bridge. Zoe was in charge of writing down our parking spot so that we we’d know where we put the car after the game....more

Use Your Car Alarm for Home Security!

You don't have a home security system? No problem! Just remember one thing when you drive home tonight, take your car keys to bed with you!...more

I'm not sure, I guess it depends on your individual car alarm. Some reach further than ...more