"News of the World" Tabloid to Shut Down After Phone-Hacking Scandal

A big shoe dropped today in the ongoing scandal concerning allegations that the British newspaper News of the World hacked the cell phones of more than perhaps 4000 British celebrities, murder victims and ordinary citizens: the 168-year-old Sunday paper will print its last issue and close its doors this coming Sunday....more

Hey Nelle,
You're certainly right that there is a lot at stake. It's amazing to see how far ...more

Preacher du jour - expired

A well-known, 'people's' preacher just died a few days ago. He was 60 years old, has (as customary with Islamic preachers who'd burst to stardom & get a ton of money in short time) several wives, and probably a dozen children - most are grown (don't do the math. I developed a nasty migraine when I tried)....more

Speaker Peter Milliken Makes Historic Ruling

In a speech to the House of Commons that has already been deemed historic, Speaker Peter Milliken declared that the refusal of the federal government to provide uncensored reports about Afghan detainees to a special Parliamentary committee was a breach of the privilege of Parliament. Parliament had the right to ask for those documents, uncensored, and when the government refused to provide them they were overstepping their bounds. ...more

Prime Misogynist

While in America, the press is hot on the trail for the next big gaffe that naturally falls out of someone’s mouth, sooner or later, considering all the talking one does on the campaign trail, in Italy, slick Berlusconi makes quite a habit of saying what’s truly on his mind when it comes to women in Italy – and he doesn’t consider them gaffes at all. ...more

United States of Denial

People have been asking me what were the comments over in Europe about the Governor of New York’s dalliances on the dark side. I must say that in Italy, the entire incident received quite scant attention. The blurb was pretty much relegated to that of turning to the comics pages and checking out ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not!”. ...more