The Baby is very vocal. She is always up for a bit of random shouting. She enjoys a good squeal. She has much to say on the subject of bears: 'Abear! Abear! Abear!' Sadly for The Baby, whilst she chatters excitedly, loudly and incessantly, she is chattering in a different language to everyone around her. Even The Toddler is confused. The Toddler tries to explain to The Baby that there are no bears. She makes suggestions as to how The Baby may have become confused: 'No, The baby! No bear - Daddy!' The Baby is adamant: 'Abear! Abear!'...more

Love me, love my parrot: my struggle to find love.

I love my cockatoos. There, I said it.  I love my cockatoos.  To me, it's almost magic for my best friends to fly up to me, perch on my shoulder, give me kisses, then put their heads down and beg for scritches (a form of petting typically involving alopreening). ...more

Our pets as spiritual teachers

We love them, and often take them for granted. Yet they can be some of our most powerful and simple spiritual teachers. Our pets. They can be great teachers of love, loyalty and compassion. At some point, the persistent love of my pet made me see that my dog might just be training me. ...more

What a beautiful post!  I've always believed that animals come into our lives to teach ...more


Please visit this link : Cozy Conures! ...more

OK wanted is too strong - I didn't want any bird but if we had to have one, I'd have preferred a ...more