An Equine Cure for a Type-A Personality.


The family business

My husband wears a lot of different titles: He is the love of my life, a dynamic dad for our son and my best friend. I also like to think of him as my business partner. ...more

6 Truths about Marriage

Take off the rose colored glasses and listen up. I apologize for shattering your illusions. However,  if you consider these points with an open mind, your marriage may stand a better chance of surviving.1. Marriage is not natural behavior. There is no equivalent in nature where either sex of any species mates for life as a result of illusions about their mate. They pair off to propagate the species....more

A Small Note On Entrepreneurship

I was inspired to write this article on pre preparation of becoming an Entrepreneur.  For the past several years I have been an Entrepreneur, I have been pretty successful.  Success not defined by money, but the projects and people I have met.  The sum of my experiences has finally led me to work on my own projects in addition to clients' projects....more

Couples Therapy or Horse Agility?


Dear Dr. Romance: How Can I Let Him Go?

Dear Dr. Romance:I read "Letting Go Takes Love" and it really spoke to me. I am in a situation and I was wondering if you could give me quick advice. I feel the need to let go of someone because he basically doesn't know what he wants. We have been going back and forth with the issue over a year now....more

Dr. Romance Video: Guidelines for Relating with Love

 Click here to view the video....more

Dr. Romance: 3 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship

Dr. Romance Video: 3 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship: to view the video, click here.Relationships can be devastated by simple, thoughtless things. Bad behavior will ruin your marriage faster than any temptation from the outside. Tina B. Tessina, PhD, "Dr. Romance" licensed psychotherapist and author points out the worst mistakes to make in a marriage.Dr. Romance's 3 ways to ruin your relationship:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Why Is There No Support Line for Men?

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I Do My Best to Stay in My Loving Heart

Dear Dr. Romance:...more