Really Feelin' the Love

When you feel loved, it makes the world look different. It makes you feel things that you’ve never felt before, see things that you’ve never seen before, hear things that you’ve never heard before. When you feel loved, it makes the people around you look different. It makes you see the beauty in individual people. It makes you appreciate the unique characteristics and traits of each person, makes you see the good in people versus the bad....more

Putting the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

What’s the key to keeping the spark in a relationship? When the honeymoon phase is over, how do you ensure the passion remains?When relationships transform from leisure into work, a shift occurs within the dynamics of the couple’s interactions where they start to become complacent and bored. They are not turned on as easily as before—they fall into the “danger zone” called status quo....more

Realizing Purpose Before Letting "The One" Slip Away

It’s funny how people pop into your life—some are just supposed to be around for a moment; either to teach you a lesson or inspire you. Others stay around for a lifetime, constantly teaching you, inspiring you, motivating you, and energizing you.…The difficulty is discerning those people who were meant for a moment in time versus those who were meant for the entire journey…...more

Higher and Higher...Closer to Our Dream

Reaching new levels in relationships—progressing from love to partnership.  ...more

Embrace a Career Change.

I’ve traveled in all directions in the last few months- looking at potential lesson horses. I want to rescue the skinny ones. I try to guess how much retraining will be needed for others. The right horse needs to be not too old or too tall. There is a temperament I am looking for; tolerant, brave, and the ability to wait to be asked correctly....more

What Llamas Teach about Horse Training.

...more Sephora and Shopbop Collection

Ladies, it's no surprise that we sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time getting ready in the morning or before heading out for the night. That's just what it takes for us to be the fabulous women we are, right? Not so much......more

Partners. Are Two Heads Better Than One?


Uh oh, here come the meat dreams.

Through writing this post I realized that my ex, the man I was in a relationship for 9 years, was never really my partner in the relationship. Understanding that has been a huge help to me as I recover. Read this and you might identify with it -- or at the very least you may just laugh. It's kind of a funny story. ...more