Sephora and Shopbop Collection

Ladies, it's no surprise that we sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time getting ready in the morning or before heading out for the night. That's just what it takes for us to be the fabulous women we are, right? Not so much......more

Uh oh, here come the meat dreams.

Through writing this post I realized that my ex, the man I was in a relationship for 9 years, was never really my partner in the relationship. Understanding that has been a huge help to me as I recover. Read this and you might identify with it -- or at the very least you may just laugh. It's kind of a funny story. ...more

Let Talk about Love, Relationships and Anal Sex?

If you missed the show last night? SHAME ON YOU!!! We talked about Celebrity Mom Gossip, Blow Jobs, and Anal Sex Oh My! ...more

Love happens, or from casual to committed: Trying it all again

Okay, so there was a period of time—maybe a few years—where I was convinced I’d never meet someone I’d want to spend a large chunk of my life with. In love or not, paired or single, the possibility of connecting with someone I’d both want to live with and plan a future with seemed just really, uh, remote. After all, hadn’t I already been married for 10,000 years and been through all the bonding and the compromises? Why on earth would I ever want to go through the trouble of trying to do that again? ...more

All of the foundations you've posted here about  how you've approached your relationship ...more

Law: Why Women Choose It ThenLose It

In October looks at LAW: WHY SO MANY WOMEN CHOOSE IT THEN LOSE IT. Watch the video and take the test to see if you're really a lawyer, you're a lawyer with your life in balance or breathing with a pulse but other life signs uncertain. ...more