Experience and Freshness - the Recipe for Partnership Success

photo by Tim PearceThe combin...more

Investing in Co-Selling Partnerships to Grow

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can greatly benefit by selecting co-selling partners to drive revenues. Utilizing another company’s sales and marketing resources may be a great channel to aggressively extend reach and acquire new customers....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” It Takes Focus and Concentration Today 5-17-12

Developing partnerships and being practical is the message for today.Opposing Energies: Disappointment in love, risk, speculation, greed, dishonesty.It takes focus and concentration in order to accomplish goals.However, all obstacles are overcome with ease.Wide Awake Words™ for today: Ambition, accomplishment cooperation.Venturing into the unknown and implementing unusual plans intuitively will generate success.Good News for Relationships™:...more

“Living Wide Awake™” Being In the Right Place at the Right Time 3-30-12

While today may seem quiet, the course of the day will flow smoothly as long as compromise is achieved in your interactions.Partnerships being the focal point, and keeping future benefits in mind, your hard work will begin paying off.Progress with most business circumstances is coming provided responsibilities are managed appropriately.Opposing Energies: unconsciousness, oppositional, irresponsibleThis period of sudden breakthroughs for material gain and rewards for efforts made, is a delightful move in the right direction....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” More Money-Minded 1-25-12

Working with groups will create the money you desire, with the intentions you set.Opposing Energies: scarcity consciousness, fixed thinking, inflexibleWhile you’re more money-minded than usual today, it’s about educating others and teaching.Keep your focus on dynamic partnerships and mutually beneficial business dealings.Meetings materialize fast, so educate and make your arrangements, preparing for just about anything....more

The Secret to a Strong Marriage: Never Go in Business Together

In the past fifteen years, I have given that advice to several lovely couples who were thinking about going into business together. I don't think they paid attention. We wouldn't have either. Despite the alleged benefits, I would say the cons of working with your spouse definitely outweigh the pros. But, who's asking me? ...more
Talk about a nightmare I can't get away from. I went into business with my wife back in ...more

Perspectives on Partnership

I fell in love with my partner before I was technically available. I just read Docce's post about partnership, and falling in love with her husband before he was technically available.  She is looking back on 6 years of marriage. I am looking forward into year 2 of my relationship with the woman I will one day marry. ...more

I really am enjoying your storyline, btw...


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