How to Make a Hunger Games DIY Mockingjay Pin Hanging Chandelier

If you’re planning a Hunger Games-themed bash and don’t know where to start, have no fear – you know PanemPropaganda has you covered! Here's an awesome how-to by our friend and follower, Stefan, for a beautiful mockingjay chandelier that can serve as the centerpiece for a Hunger Games gathering that even Effie Trinket would be proud to attend! ...more

Vintage Valentine Birthday Party

My last daughter was born on Valentines Day 2014. I figured to go ahead and get the Valentines theme out of the way year one, and I loved it (no red and white hearts in this house!). I went with a vintage Valentine theme, full of soft colours, tons of puffs, lots of do it yourself, and more macaroons than you could eat in a month. Also, cake. Lots of cake. Check it out!...more

Winter Pastels-Party Inspiration

Pastels normally elicit visions of Spring and Easter. But pastel colors can also work in the Winter. Give some of these Winter pastel ideas a try at for your next party. ...more

Projects, parties and paradise, all in time for Sunday

Is it me, or is this year just flying by?  Late last week, it dawned on me that Father's Day is this weekend.  THIS WEEKEND, people.  How did that happen so quickly?  And while I might be forgiven for not immediately tweeking on this fact, it took me several more days to realize that Father's Day this year is falling on the Summer Solstice.  Which, you know, ordinarily, isn't something one would necessarily notice, except I got married on the summer solstice.  That's right, my anniversary.  How am I so out of it? Well, no matter.  For those of you who, like me, might  be trying to come up with a few ideas for this weekend's festivities, I've taken a quick glance around the internet for some inspiration.  For example: ...more