Coconut and Parmesan Crumbed Mushrooms

Think delicious low carb, crunchy goodness with the addition of a sweet and tangy tartar sauce to enjoy for a snack while the men crack open the beers next to the pool. Perfection!  See the recipe on my blog!...more

Best Dishes for the Big Game

As baseball season winds down and football just begins, there are plenty of sporting events to look forward to. Whether it’s the World Series party you’re planning, or a Sunday afternoon football party, food is always a must. As much as chips, dip, beer, and soda are appreciated, sometimes it’s nice to provide dishes that are still simple yet feel a little more gourmet, like these Sargento recipes:1. Grilled PizzaIngredients:1 1/3 c warm water1 envelope active dry yeast1 Tbsp. sugar...more

Pirate and Princess Party


Party Chips

Throwing a party? Or just feel like having some fun finger foods? These Vegan/Vegetarian party chips will be the talk of the party! Simple to make and taste the furthest from being Vegan. I dare you to give it a try! Party Chips  ...more

Potato Skins

Healthy, yummy potato skins; perfect for any party.  Did I mention, healthy?  No one will know these are low fat, except for you and me! ...more

Dutch sausage rolls


Caramel Brandied Brie

I recently joined my first book club. I have been so used to being with the kids and doing their activities that the thought of using my one grown up night out, going to a book club, would not be that much fun.  However, I decided to give it a try; 1. because I love the ladies that are in the club 2. because I love food and making new recipes, which is a good part of it 3. I find that I have more time to read and it relaxes me 4. The most important- wine with good friends. So, like I mentioned in number 2~the food, we are all supposed to bring a dish....more

DIY Popcorn Bar Makes a Fun Pre-Dinner Party Snack

Want to try something fun, fast, and DIY for your next party's pre-dinner bite? Try popcorn. ...more

Macho Nachos

Barbarian hordes visiting? Huns coming over for board games? Or, are you just spending a quiet afternoon at home with the fam? This recipe will keep you ahead of the pack. Maybe. ...more
@Laine Griffin Hi there, Laine! :) Good! Laughing nachos. Sounds fine to me. What else can we do ...more

Game Day: It's All About the Food

We all know the feeling of anticipation surrounding game day, hopeful that our team will win!  There is also nothing like sharing that feeling of anticipation with others, putting out your best high fives, slaps on the back, punches in the air, and jumps on the couch.  I believe there are three essentials to pulling off a successful game day gathering: good drinks, an abundance of food, and comfortable seating.  While other hosting elements such as décor and lighting may take a back seat during a game day party, food and drinks take center stage.  Here are some of my aw...more
@MissHostess  Alas, I did not. My partner can't eat spinach so we went with our original ...more