Six Party Planning Hacks to Host the Merriest Holiday Soiree

 Holiday season is in full swing, and that means parties, gift exchanges, dinners, family functions and more events than you know what to wear to. Between all the gift shopping and outfit planning, you likely don’t have much time for prepping and decorating your place for these get-togethers....more

5 Quick & Easy DIY Name Cards for Holiday Parties

The rosemary & wood block make great party favors In my family, I’m the one in charge of making name cards (some people call them “name plates”) for dinner parties. This year, I went with some super easy, quick ideas. These are great for  winter holidays or even New Year’s Eve parties. ...more

The 5 Ps of Punchbowl

I originally published this post on on November 12, 2013. Disclaimer: is NOT paying me to write this review. I really just love it that much and believe in the service....more

Bruschetta Bar

Bruschetta Bar  By Amy “Foodie” S | Appetizers, Party Planning Let’s talk parties! ...more

I'm Seeing Green!

It’s not money.It’s not envy.It’s turtles.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a boy’s birthday party coming up and the desired theme was TMNT…that’s the cool way to say “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. And it just so happens that I know a lot about these TMNT. That’s the cool way to say that I am a cool mom....more

Party Menu Planning

So this past weekend we had a little party at our house. We had some celebrating to do – just a couple days into the new year my husband was named the new head football coach in our little town! So we wanted to get all our old friends and our new coaching folks together to hang out and have a little fun....more

Creating A Great New Years Party Playlist

For some people, creating that great party playlist is an elusive unicorn that they will probably never capture fully.  However, if you go check out my latest blog post, I have given you great tips in using some of what you have learned from blogging and social media to assist you in creating an awesome playlist for your New Years Party, or for that matter, any entertainment event you have in the future! Here is the direct link to this post, click here.  Also, feel free to check out the rest of my lifestyle blog!...more

If You Fail to Plan a Party, You Plan to Fail

Last year was the first time we hosted Thanksgiving. We seated 12, which is the absolute top capacity we can accommodate in our dining room without going double-decker. Moreover, we did this just three days after returning from a week in Mexico.We entertain pretty frequently, whether it's a casual get together with another couple or a big blowout multicourse dinner party. It's something we enjoy doing. But in order to keep it fun for everyone including us, not to mention to preserve our sanity, we put a fair amount of planning into each event....more
Love your post! We host our annual braai (rhymes with "sky" - it's a South African barbecue - my ...more

Baby Shower of Love

This past week I had the chance to throw a new friend a baby shower and I had so much fun putting things together. It seems the more parties I throw, the easier they get to do. I guess I'm sort of finding my "entertaining groove" which is somewhat stress relieving since I will have two special birthdays to plan for in a few upcoming months....more