5 Ways To Get Ready For The 2014 World Cup

Starting Today, The World Cup is Center Stage!There is no question that the World Cup is the largest sporting event around the world. It comes around every four years and though the 2014 World Cup has been plagued with controversies, the event is still estimated to break viewership records. Social media fever will most likely play role in the 2014 World Cup with social giant like Facebook creating an area called “Trending World Cup,” to help its 40% soccer fan base to keep up with scores, news and player information. Twitter and Instagram hashtags like #WorldCup, #Brazil2014, and even the new ‘Hashflags’ introduced will raise the awareness of this epic event.So, how do you jump into this crazy mess? Here’s your five must do’s!...more

Pastry Puffs

  These vegetable, 'cheese' patry puffs are the perfect dish to serve at a party!  They're so full of flavor. Once you taste these you'll be making them all the time!! Get the recipe here ...more

Welcome New Year with a Big Bash but keeping the things Under Control

Everybody is excited to adieu 2013 and welcome 2014 in a hope that the year will bring more of happiness, love, joy and prosperity in everyone’s life. Let’s just welcome the year by arranging a nice get together with your friends and loved ones. New Year means big party bash, music, booze and friends coming in....more

Malai Kofta Recipe

Malai Kofta Recipe - Fried Dumplings in Creamy CurryPosted on SuperbrecipesPreparation Time: 30-40 mins  Cooking Time: 40-45 mins ...more

Taking My Kitchen From Workspace to Party Ready

Moving to Wisconsin required two things -- great schools for my kids, and a house with a kitchen perfect for work, making delicious food, and space for sharing it with friends.. ...more
Love these tips and now I am salivating for those mac and cheese cups...!more