It’s 3 a.m….What Do You Hear Outside of Your Window?

carrien  Good suggestion! Actually, my husband, who grew up in this apartment said that people ...more

The Trail Through The Woods

I read a book years ago called Women Who Run With Wolves. It describes how dealing with our issues is similar to walking through a dark forest. As we walk through the woods shivering and frightened of the shadows that lurk behind every tree, facing our fears, we can finally emerge on the other side greeted by the sunlight beaming from a clearing that welcomes us from our journey. ...more

Growin' Up

Growing up is a bitch. it happens before you know it. One day your playing with your friends underneath the street lights the next day your doing your food shopping on a Friday night and excited for the silence and time alone. What the hell happened? ...more

Segment 5: When a Third World Came West

Part of me is just reaching out half the time to shows, music venues, and towns were I can be completely aimless and unknown. Does anyone else felt the same…? Not that I want to completely reinvent myself or start new, that’s not totally it. But when I get into new bands or new music or new stories, I can’t bring these up right away with my friends. Most of them I’ve had for a while, and we’re bonded by teaching stories or students who won’t listen. I fell into this group by virtue of me grading till 9pm, passing out after, and basically not having a life....more

Segment 4: When a Third World Came West

I’ve always liked meeting new strangers, just like I enjoy ordering something I’ve never had before off a menu, in a language for which I can’t understand…cause it’s a surprise. When I looked back I was wondering if other people were like this too..if they were casual about walking up and making small talk with people that they didn’t know, or if they were curious about someone who had an accent, who smelled and looked from far away....more

Segment 2: When a Third World Came West

Segment 2: When a Third World Came West...more

When a Third World Came West

Overview: When a Third World Came West...more

Walking a Fine Line: Social Host Laws and Underage Drinking

Cruising Main I know there are some who never drank alcohol in high school, but I didn't go to school with them....more

Hillbillies and Crushes

    Last night, would have been my one year anniversary from the day I met the guy who I thought I was going to marry. He actually ended up going to jail for a duil, but I got to celebrate with his family at the Annual Boat Docking competition, which they'd all missed the year before, the day I met the guy who I thought I was going to marry. ...more

Mama Goes to the Prom

Squeezing past the gaggle of gorgeous twenty-somethings in the Royal Ontario Museum’s ladies room on Saturday night, I couldn’t help but wish I’d kept up with this season’s Gossip Girl. Here I was rubbing shoulders with the young elite of Canadian high society, and all I could think about was whether my borrowed dress could contain my ever-increasing milky bosom. ...more