The passage

“The person who might take us out of the ice, who might psychically free us… is not necessarily going to be the one to whom we belong. It may be… another of those magical but fleeting events that again came along when we least expected it, an act of kindness from a passing stranger… Whatever it may be, it is a time when [that] spirit, in one way or another, feeds us, pulls us out, shows us the secret passage…” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés  ...more

What I Learned from a Cockroach

What I Learned from a Cockroach     ...more

Amazing Things Can Happen!

We were surprised this past week to hear the familiar chirping of a Titmouse on the patio. After all, it has been very wintery with blustery rains and bitterly cold temperatures. Could this be one of a pair that has inhabited the same birdhouse in CiCi’s Garden for the past five years? ...more

The River’s End

The week before Christmas and I’ve been sick. The past two days have been a complete wash. My husband brought me chicken soup yesterday, and my sweet little cat has provided a warm log of comfort as I’ve drifted in and out of sleep, never getting completely through any one of the Hallmark marathon of Christmas movies. But I count myself as hugely blessed because I am alive and will join my family shortly for all the festivities of the season. Not so for another woman who has haunted my thoughts over the past six days....more

Coyote Nightmares

A coyote is raised up with one paw on my arm, snapping at CiCi who I hold tightly to my chest, dodging as best I can to avoid her being bitten or taken. I wake up with my heart pounding and nearly knock CiCi from her place on the bed next to me as I lunge into an upright position....more

The Law of the Wild

Just-in-time reality rescues my heart again –for Thanksgiving! A dear friend sent me an email this past week with the following story. The Law of the Wild says kill only when you are hungry! Photographer Michel Denis-Huot, who captured these amazing pictures on safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara in October last year, said he was astounded by what he saw:...more

Blue Hour Civility

I looked in my purse, checked the pockets of my jacket, and rummaged all around on the floorboard in my car and still couldn’t find the key to our mailbox. With growing chagrin and mounting dismay I didn’t want to admit that I thought I knew where it was....more

Brilliance of Color

What is it about trees that turn brilliant yellow, red or orange that never fails to take my breath away? Neighborhood streets are lined with these glorious sentinels and the hillsides are peppered with them. Even the local cemetery where I often walk is resplendent with trees gone riotous with color –perhaps signaling a fête, an elaborate outdoor festival, this time celebrating death as simply one of life’s journeys....more

Pelosi Gets Personal On 'Obamacare' And This Uninsured American Is Glad!

I’m so glad being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition! ...more