Sharing the Passion (or Just Going Along for the Ride)

All of us have something that we are passionate about. It can be a job or a hobby; something we do or something we watch others do. As with so many things in life, passions are just more fun when you share them with someone. Shared passions are frequently the “Aha!” moment when you realize that the person you are talking to will become a long-term presence in your life....more


“Passions”….I’ve been thinking a lot about “Passions” lately!We all have passions of some kind or another....more

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career

It can be scary to step away from your steady job to follow your dreams, especially when the passions you want to pursue aren’t connected to a salaried check. ...more
KathyA.Gambrell Maybe another way to put it is that it"s work, but if you love it then it won't ...more

Creative Writing Saved My Life

I have blogs from many years ago, several journals, manuscripts as well. To know me is to read my blogs and short stories. I'm a very free spirited open flaws and all type of individual and it reflects through, my writing. Alot of people ask me all the time, how could you air your dirty laundry, and I simply respond by saying, I felt obligated to in case someone out their have gone through the same situations or similiar. ...more

The Mayonnaise Jar & Two Cups of Coffee

I was reading the other day this metaphor someone had on their Facebook page and I really enjoyed it.  Thought it was definitely worth a share ... sometimes we get lost and stressed with the details in life.  It's always nice to remember what's important.  Hope you enjoy thepassage below: ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” The Road You’re Taking Is On Target 6-12-12

Practical progress is developing new improvements, ideas and unique opportunities into your future.Unexpected lucky or coincidental events are inspiring; implying the road you’re taking is on target.Good News for Relationships™: Romantically, while being logical/analytical is great with ambitions and promotes stability, the coolness of such pragmatism isn’t serving your love life.Open your feelings to the same passions that drive your work, and use that energy to bring balance to your emotional and romantic health....more

Passionate Secrets

I am going to jump right into today's writing prompt.  I am going to reveal my secret passion. I am all about living off grid.  I read blogs about it, study it, watch survival shows, and dream of being totally self sufficient.  If I had the money I would put in a secret underground bunker that was the size of a home.  Not to plot or plan anything bizarre, but just to have somewhere to go in an emergency. Or to live in.  Don't judge....more

Keep it Simple, Silly

More is not necessarily better. Sometimes more is just more. I’m coming to that realization in my business as well as in my personal life so I’ve been working through a plan of attack on how to become more minimalist and focus on what truly matters in my world. In case you haven’t been stalking me online for the past few month I will update you on some personal victories in the world of Sara:...more

Letter to a Lover

Dear Lover~ I read an article tonight in the Arts and Entertainment section on the Wall Street Journal’s website. The article was about the loss of artist’s—poets and all others—muses. The writer mentioned Zelda, Gala, Yoko, Gonne, Georgia, and Suzanne (Fitzgerald, Dali, Lennon, Yeats, Stieglitz, and Balanchine’s respectively). There were other famous muses that I remember reading about over the years, it also mentioned others that I had no knowledge of, my incomplete education, I assumed. The journalist only mentioned male writers, and their female muses!...more

I'm a singer, artist, writer, cook and knitter... what are you?

I enjoy doing lots of things, but my passions or hobbies are few and close to my heart....more

Hey Patty, thanks for the comment! I try to squeeze in a few thoughts here and there, I like it :)more